Developing Organizational Values ​​through Collaboration

Within the framework of organizing the future, some degree of consistency is needed in understanding the expressed values. In order for discipline or competence to be embodied and presented as a natural body to be within a person or an organization, it is necessary to create an evaluation criterion that is in some way at the forefront of consciousness to be at the top level of the priority. Because we usually have things that are considered important to our standards. As humans, we may find it appropriate and appropriate in some ways to experience and perceive our processing filters. To ensure that everyone, especially workers, is treated with dignity and respect within an environment that promotes growth and personal development for long-term success.

Jim Kouzes in his speech to Google (Leading @ Google on YouTube) shows that one of the key keys to success remains in love. According to the enthusiastic leader, he intends to have the best for everyone, which is in line with respect, care, and love for service. Integrity, empathy, trust, and service are fair words that only reach the report associated with us.

Each of us integrates integrity and trust in different ways, so dialogue on meaningful communications in the communication environment may prove useful in the following context: (a) clarifying the reference framework of another person, (b) creating greater openness and trust in organizational culture, and (c) better acquaint yourself with the individual staff. The organization of the future should be willing to look at the human condition and find out how to "implement key skills and" because they even want to accomplish skills or behavioral abilities. Knowing what the company means is a prerequisite for the realization of values, attitudes, skills and learning that may confuse the company's criterion of credit theory, which in turn is needed for long-term success.

The relationship between employee employees and the organization that maximizes productivity, innovation and growth is a shared vision of the future. The idea of ​​maximizing productivity can carry overloaded employees, but you do not have to carry this report; because productivity maximization can be achieved when employees are performing at peak performance where they love, appreciate and respect the work they do.

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