Dental implants are artificial roots that are fixed to the bone. This appearance of the implanted tooth root connects false tooth or supporting crowns and bridges that permanently replace the teeth that may be bad for the bone, missing or damaged. Many wondered in the myth of listening to a radio station from a loose filling.

Myth refers to the fact that dental fillings made from many kinds of compounds actually work as if to chew or too much to swallow a radio signal, a transistor (or a diode and a capacitor), and a speaker at the same time.

Physics for listening to a radio station through the oral object such as a charge or implant is not so complex. The grooved filling or implant should take good vibrations from an electrical source, guide them to the jaw and inner ear and there will be peace. The problem is turning the electrical signal into a mechanical one. This is an AC / DC problem. What if the radio is listening to the radio and the student is confident that he will remove all the teeth? What a missed opportunity to listen to better stations and get better and more informed advice

The main reason for this myth is probably a young dentist who enjoyed a large amount of hard candy, resulting in significant dental caries, numerous visits to the dentist and even more stuffing. The young patient, through the rush of a sugar, is confused and confused, forgetting that the radio is listened through the ear plug and the sound sources are attributed to loose filling.

The restoration history of filling is an instant alternative to removing teeth. The strength of the acids is due to the decomposing sugars, which causes pits and weakness in the enamel of the tooth. Untreated, dental caries can cause infection and will certainly cause many discomfort and pain as the teeth become more and more exposed. The dentist drills the tooth to create an opening that is sufficient to fit the mortar properties. The paste is then placed in the opening of the teeth, placed on a flat surface and sanded.

Early filling is made of composite mixed with mercury. Mercury is extremely toxic and can cause damage to some patients, which is another possible cause of mystic myth. After several decades of decay and direct restoration, amalgam, composites, porcelain and other mixtures of materials, including gold fillings, have been approximated by the patient to indirect dentures and implants for decades.

The implant is a prosthetic approach to tooth loss, lasting and lasting. Dental loss is caused by a number of factors including dental caries, root canal failure, trauma, gum disease, and old wear.

At some points, the ex-hard candy patient moves his head into a seemingly desperate attempt to change radio stations from hard rock confectionaries, looks into the mirror and dreams of shiny and bright teeth, constantly in the tooth implant. K-SPARKLE is the newest dentist radio station in the world, far from pop-rock candy and certainly not a filling station with a patchwork smile.

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