CSR for Small Businesses – Communication

The next few articles in the series will focus on additional tips within the CSR agenda, including the environment, workers and jobs, suppliers, community engagement, goodwill / good causes and communication.

I'm still trying to drive leadership jargon to do this simply and see the results as soon as possible. I will also strive to go beyond the issue of clear commercial return and address other environmental and social benefits to give new impetus to why all businesses can play and play.

This is the theme of the week:

I've been around the environment and the staff, though these are probably the two biggest areas and straight toward communication. The reason is simple. Almost every small business (not all, there are some bad guys out there!) They already deal with ad hoc or reactive large CSR initiatives but most of them do not know or understand fully. I focus on communication as it can be useful for everyone today.

To understand this, I need you to take 10 minutes to ask yourself the following questions.
Please try to replies on recycled paper:

1. Has your organization ever given money or support for a charity or good cause? This includes employees for increasing working hours, local junior sports clubs, churches, etc.

2nd Recycled or reduced energy consumption or waste?

3rd Have your organization ever exceeded basic legal requirements to recruit, increase productivity, or retain employees?

4th How to choose a supplier? Is it just the best price, or just using local businesses or considering environmental issues?

5th Is your organization an official or informal list of how to operate on a daily basis?

6th Did your organization ever help another business without payment?

I'm not cunning or magician, but I think there are a few comments on the paper.

The big question is who communicated it to you and how he communicated these great initiatives to them? I know that small businesses do not have marketing departments or external agencies or, in most cases, someone is responsible for internal marketing. This must be for everyone. Most marketing people are not really able to understand that the ambulance is most effective.

Rule 1 – Just do it!

So how can we avoid the lack of a moment and a "green wash" tag or our head overlaid over the parapet? My thumb is that if you go out to the best of your intentions, you have achieved true integrity and feel comfortable – go in! Owners / managers / owners are interested in raising the profile of the company whenever possible! This is also great to increase the worthy cause you support. The first thing you have to do with all the good news is to record your own website, Facebook page, Twitter, billboard, water cooler – whatever you do. That's the news. Do not you want your customers to first hear and support other sources?

Rule 3 – Tell Everyone

Do not just focus on media capture to increase sales. Make so much effort to tell everyone (interns) and close relationships (suppliers, customers) internally. Use your newsletter (or launch), sell PowerPoints, billboards, team meetings, employee manuals – everywhere! A good tip is to identify the company's rumors and involve themselves in the initiatives!

Rule 4 – Be friendly with local media

You do not need a PR agency or a marketing department to call local paper and say who would be interested in this story? # 39;. Local coverage is usually free and great advertising. I would definitely encourage someone to actually ring, do not send email and make personal contact with the best person on local paper or radio – even in today's online controlled society. You can spend a whole lunch. Good news stories in the local press can be raised at national level – do not underestimate the local press! You can not get immediate instant sales, but you're serious about building your company's reputation.

Rule 5 – Get others to work

If you've been sending a project to a partner or have a good case to help with your profile. They probably have their own media plans and networks that you can use as long as you have the time to build good relationships. Charity organizations provide great databases and PR expertise!

Article 6 – Media Like Bad News

After eight years I won the Everton Football Club by creating pioneering community projects, I know # 39; good. Bad news is sorry for the papers. You must have wide or human interest to engage the media. Try to be creative. Focus on an individual worker, person / project that likes and personal stories, and not always trying to sell a business ad – people (and especially the media) want to read about people. Always include basic contact information, such as a company name, website, logo, or phone number somewhere, and I hope you can make the editing possible!

Rule 7 – Oral Wave

In my opinion, this communication is one of the best ways to build fame. It's not great for direct sales, but it's definitely a fantastic slow burner and authentic. The goal is to talk as many people as possible about you. You need to give people the opportunity to talk about if the company is not a big story. Part of the great story can do great miracles.

Rule 8 – Complaints are Wonderful

When you talk about most areas of CSR, you can easily encourage passionate debate, especially as people we get people. The conversation can focus on climate change, sweat, sexual harassment and many dynamic issues. Take this opportunity with both hands, do not be afraid of it. As I said earlier, if a well-intentioned good initiative goes to it. You may find unpleasant individual intent on loud controversy or trying to turn stories into your own. We treat this as any client complaint and open and honest communication, and we can be great sales staff if we handle it well.

Okay, that's probably as much PR for beginners as CSR.

You just remember that your business is something tangible about CSR initiatives that it's more likely that you're back and hopefully bigger and better, which is a great news for the issues that need help. It's just about finding the best win-win scenarios for everyone.

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