Crossing Knowledge and Skills: Communication Skills

As the project manager is the link between the project and the organization and the stakeholders, the ability to communicate with the project manager is essential.

The project manager is able to communicate effectively both the project team and the project stakeholders ensure that all parties receive the information needed to support the project

A list of comprehensive knowledge of knowledge and skills covers a number of areas that address communication

the skills from the list that apply to this area:

  • Critical and Written Communication Techniques, Channels, and Applications
  • Presentation Tools and Techniques
  • Target Audience Communication
  • Overview of Professional and Social Responsibility PROJECT LOVING PROFESSIONAL AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Includes

    • the knowledge base of the management, lessons learned, best practices, research, and so on. By respecting the management knowledge base in compliance with legal requirements, ethical norms and social norms
    • to improve leadership quality; Increasing Colleagues' Capabilities and Improving the Project Management Profession
    • to Improve Personal and Professional Knowledge Management Services
    • To Promote Team and Interaction Interaction in a Professional, Cooperative and Respectful Environment, Effective Collaboration to promote
    • Overview of Professional and Corporate Responsibility

      The PMPĀ® Code of Conduct

      The manager's general responsibility for the profession in the PMP Code of Conduct:

      • which complies with the recognition and respect of the intellectual property of others
      • by the promotion and dissemination of the PMP Code
      • in accordance with the laws and ethical representation of the profession

      PMI PDU training providers that are registered as PMIs include these concepts. :

      • Responsibility for providing accurate, fair advertising and representation in the fulfillment of qualifications, experience and services
      • Laws regulating state or province and / or internship in a country when it cooperates with PMI and when Management Services
      • Responsible and Ethical in Communicating with PMI and in Managing Services
      • Maintaining and Respecting the Content of the PMP Exam Content



      • Responsible for accurate and fair representation of the public in advertisements, public statements and estimates of costs, services, and expected results
      • Professional judgments

      As part of the PDUs, the online PDUs required for the PMI requirement typically contain professional and social content.

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