Crayola AM FM alarm clock radio with night light view

If the little boy has a problem with his own waking up and tired of quitting the bed in the morning, then the Crayola AM / FM alarm clock radio is the perfect solution in the night light. The front panel is equipped with customizable discs, so children are responsible for the design, and for the younger children the three color night light features are a definite bonus.

The alarm functions in this hour allow children to wake up to the radio. beep or programmable 10 second message. Kids can have an explosion that leaves messages or a silly sound, joke or to-do list for the next morning if they want. The cool, blue backlit LCD display has a dimmer when it is too small for small ones. Moms and dads like a spare battery, which means they never have to set the time after a power failure

Kids can set the sleep timer if they want to sleep on the radio and can easily release a new day with the progressive alarm system . They can also quickly discover the snooze function, allowing them to get some more glimpse before they prepare for school.

The great price of the alarm clock at great prices is no wonder that the Crayola AM / FM Night Light radio alarm clock is a popular model for kids, which is a great birthday or Christmas gift. Give kids control when they wake up and let them learn the time and time.

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