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Not long ago, a friend of mine, Jared Kent and I had a conversation about the challenges we face when we talk to others publicly, in parties or in a group when everyone has reduced the level to speak with the lowest common denominator; weather, a TV show, a new technical device, or something in the newspaper. It's hard for a great IQ to deal with it, but not everyone has the spirit to pursue a fair conversation, or if they do, they will learn not to disturb it because there are few. Let's talk.

Jared asks; "Lance, would you like to hear some of your thoughts about making the conversation more efficient to a higher level?"

Well, you know I ask someone what they do, ask them for their shirts, many have logos, business names, sayings, sports. Then I ask them a question, not simple, curiosity; what do you think? Let the other person choose the topics, this is much more entertaining, so passionate answers, insights, realistic thinking, not what to say at work.

Perhaps they wanted their opinions, but their EQs – the emotional IQ tells them it's better not to be together with office policy, to go up and keep their friends. Even the stupid people are giving insight. Sometimes crazy people are the most fun, ideas, innovative thoughts, sci fi short stories they give me.

What if you do not want to talk about difficult topics or want to talk back to a number about "what about the Yankees?" Well, in this case I say it; just let go, let them play with the cocktail party, they can be PhDs, but do not care about the heavy conversation, it's okay to find someone who is asking them really good questions that involve them, think and ask questions. Who can pull them out, maybe ask questions, pick up a niche if you see them thinking, jump two more, just fun, if you can still find them, definitely bring them to the top of the knowledge band and then challenge them as well. Why not? It's pretty encouraging that your brain will be armed for a while for all the cylinders.

You can find others who intentionally join the dialogue or make it easy to fall, good, that means talking to more people in the future if it's a cafe for example. Keep in mind that even a stupid man has a remarkable repertoire of 15 minutes, and if they are caffeine and nerve cells are fired, they can give you something interesting. Most of the people I met with their brains tired after one hour after 45 minutes. Super-thinkers can move on and stop, never stop thinking, as they go. This is fun, you can cover yourself so much – you can skip this topic to the subject – think later.

I reminded Jared that where I came from debate and discourse; "Remember, I asked him, choose a topic, a topic, a continuous dialogue?" So I started Jared and our intellectual discourse. Now, here is another tip before I finish this article; older people are better but not too old, not too academically elitist, they just think they're smart, but not as smart as a fox, as smart as a box in the box where they take their brains out. Please consider this and think about it.

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