Communicative Language Teaching – Weak and Strong Approaches

Sometimes it should be directed as a student. Choosing a language partner is often cumbersome and not at all related to their teaching abilities. Even when you pay for the lessons, you can never be sure that the instructor has the appropriate language base for language teaching. We can grasp the exchanges with a little knowledge of language learning and personal preferences.

Learn about one of the most popular approaches to language teaching and learning, the communicative approach. You know, the teacher you probably don't know how to use it. Communication Language Teaching or CLT is one of the most widely used but often incorrectly used approaches to language learning. This is based on the conviction that learners learn best when they conduct meaningful communication

  1. Strong CLT: Pupils learn to participate in communication tasks with little support from traditional teaching text and practice. You can see this approach if you meet someone you are interested in, but don't share a common language.
  2. Poor CLT : Students learn to emphasize speech and listening through a variety of activities, text, exercises and tasks. This approach may occur in a community language exchange setting where the local community is a teacher and a student. This kind of learning is often supported by texts, but the quality of the instructor is very diverse and can have a great impact on the level of learning.

Using both situations requires you to understand the differences and learn how to bend the experience to your needs. If the instructor is unable to name or justify their approach, you may need to step in and structure things to your advantage or find another tutor

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