Communication – The Relationship of the Connection

Relationships do not exist in vacuum. There are two emotional people who carry their own past, history, and expectations. Communication is the basis of any relationship. Any relationship will only flourish if there is good communication between the two affected persons.

Good communication is an essential part of a healthy relationship. When people stop communication, they stop contact, and change and stress times can really get in touch. As long as you communicate, you can solve any problems you face. The easier we connect to the other person, the more successful our relationship. It's as simple as communicating, many of us are struggling to successfully connect with others. Much of what we are trying to communicate – and others trying to tell us – ignore or misunderstand that can cause conflict and frustration in both personal and professional relationships.

There are steps to good communication. First stop and listen. Sometimes with the fear of not hearing, we continue to think things without thinking about what the other should say about it. It is very difficult at this moment to stop and listen to the other person.

The second step forces you to hear it. If you stopped saying that, it does not mean you are listening to the other person. Your mind is still thinking about what to do to prove its essence. Just clean your head for a moment and listen to what the other person has to say.

The third step is to be open and honest with your partner. Obviously, what you feel and you need is very important. Defining silent treatment is not a good relationship. Openness means talking about things you never talked to another person in your life. This means you are vulnerable and honest to your partner, totally and unbashedly. This means we are opening ourselves for possible injuries and disappointments. But that also means that you open yourself to the full potential of any relationship.

The fourth step would be ignoring the non-verbal signs. Much of our communication does not depend on what we say, but about how to say it. Nonverbal communication is your body language, voice, voice, eye contact, and how far you are when you are talking to someone. Make and maintain your eye contact, hold a neutral position and tone to your voice, and sit down next to the person when you talk to them.

The fifth step continues to focus on here and now. It is very easy to ignore the topic you are arguing in, because in most cases people move to other topics while struggling for small things. To solve this problem, just turn it around with respect and try to avoid the big argument. The sixth step tries to minimize feelings when it comes to important major decisions. No one can talk about important, great things, if he is emotionally vulnerable, charged and angry.

Great decisions like money, marriage, children require serious thinking and you have to do it if you are in a rational state of mind. The seventh step must be ready for an argument. In general, we all fight with an argument because we want to be true. No one is ready to withdraw himself and accept his mistake, simply because he is right. In such a case, both sides must stop. By compromising this, you can respect the other person and the relationship. The next step is to help humor and playfulness.

Humor and playability can easily be added to the conversation to ease mood when there is frustration and help in all aspects. Playfulness reminds us that even as an adult we can get rid of the seriousness of work. The last step of communication is more than a simple conversation. To be able to communicate better and more effectively in your relationship, you need not only talk. You can communicate in any other way – through your activity, nowadays, electronically (by email, Facebook, blogs, text messages or via Twitter). If you contact email or other electronic devices during the day or week, remind the person you are thinking about and how important it is in your life. Even if such communication is mainly playful or unwanted, it may help ease the day of your partner and improve the mood.

Nobody is a perfect communicator at all times. But you can do the job of being a better communicator when you try some of these tips. They will not all work and they will not always work. Better communication, however, begins with a man improving efforts, which often encourages the other to come to the road.

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