Communication Skills – Translating Pennies into Gold

How does the phrase "Greater Blessing How to Get It" apply to being an effective communicator? What do we give to our communication partners when we communicate well? We give two key gifts: distinct attention and the light of thought.

Is it just a Penny for your thoughts?

You may have heard the humorous question, "You give two cents," but that's just a penny of your thoughts. When we evaluate messages that only cover as much as the messages we are delivering, communication is ineffective, "penny" is actually lost

Effective communication channel

Effective communication is a two-way channel that is (1) open (2) is equal in both directions, and (3) there is an interactive balance between the sender and the receiver, and when communication is exchanged without these requirements, he feels two cents exchanged for one cent.

Universal Attention

There is a big difference between talking, listening, and communicating, not talking to "people" when we communicate well and talk to them. paying attention, listening to empathy, and returning clear messages in the right context

Erbal Dialogue, both the listeners and the loudspeakers. If we do not see the surface well – blocking the channel with deep eyes, ears, and listening to our hearts. We can not respond properly to messages we do not hear completely. We pay great attention to our communication partners when we listen deeply.

Light of Reflection

Likewise, when messages are not clearly and simply stated, we are statically disturbed by the channel; regardless of how much our partner wants to hear our messages, these messages may be lost with the intended meaning. The light of thinking allows us to send messages in a clear, simple, short, and contextual way. Then the "two cents" turns from gold to pennies.

Gold Communication Practice

Think of a relationship – in your personal life or career – in which you communicate effectively. Then complete these sentences in different ways that apply to you:

It seems that communication is effectively terminated when ________.

It seems that we are effectively communicating when _________.

It feels valuable to work with this communications partner. This is a very prominent practice. Allows you to determine your behavioral and contextual strengths and weaknesses with movements done by a particular person or group.

Increase Your Communication Capabilities Today

Give your communication partners today the gifts of special attention and light of thought. You will find that you are really "more blessed to give" if you communicate well. Best of all, you will find that communication skills are doubled right away. Distinctive attention and the light of thought give the communication exchange the "pennies for gold" and give immense value to your personal and professional relationships.

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