Communication skills, NO! Obtain the end result if you are negotiating

Are you sitting at night and wondered what the ability to achieve everything you want is what you want? It is not uncommon to fantasize about such things, and most people think it's just a fantasy. Most people do not recognize that their goals and dreams are easily accessible to the right negotiating skills.

Focus on your goal and show exactly what (or what) obstacle it means to you. You have something to do, but do not you think he's smart enough to get it? Is it difficult to talk to the supervisor? Do not you want your family to compromise with you? You may not be sure you want to buy a yacht from the bank. It is possible to get rid of all these obstacles if you have successful negotiating skills.

In order to prepare for the right negotiating skills, you must be on the same side as your negotiating partner. Searching on the same page means that we have a common place with the other party, and we know what the subordinate values ​​are. To learn more about your partner's wishes and your own desires, you are prepared for knowledge that provides your skills to successfully negotiate what you both want. True, you've heard us well, we said we will discuss it with you, what you want.

If you share the same vision with your negotiating partner, it's much easier to produce results that are mutually satisfactory and give you the results you want. If someone is on the same page, it means sharing the vision, an exaggerated idea that directs both to the desired result. Your common vision may be to open communication with one another or to promote production. Once we have determined our common vision, we are ready to begin successful negotiations. As you dress in the morning, there are pieces of your negotiating skills that must first be placed in front of others. First, put your undergarments, shirt and trousers, then your hat, your glasses and your watch.

Let's see how you continue to negotiate your equipment:

1. – Underwear: This is when it bases the basis for negotiating skills. Discuss what you can do to help you create that common vision. Communicate with your negotiating partners about what you want and what you need to do to get there.

Part 2 – T-shirt: Then continue with fitting the negotiating skills by asking the other person to respond to your plans. Make sure you look at them and find out exactly what the plan is, and if you plan on it. Keep in mind that the strategy used should be mutually beneficial for both parties to be satisfied with the result. Be a good student at this stage; make sure you hear all the words before replacing it. Pants: This is one of the most important pieces in your suit, and this is asking the other party to create one's own strategy; which desires all results in a perfect way. (If you need help, feel free to think about what you feel to be the desired result.) Socks: Sometimes they are ignored, this is an integral part of the negotiating equipment. Put the socks over the new strategy. Does this include everything you want from the business? Make sure you match all your values.

Repeat: Sounds strange, but we'll add more of these layers to your clothes; After all, this whole band must be strong and durable, ready for any "weather" event. Add the "layers" to the dress by repeating the above steps. Do this as often as you and the other are completely satisfied.

Part 5 – Shoe: Slide off the last piece of your dress if you agree with the detailed actions that will be realized with both. As soon as you've finished this step, go to Step 6.

Part 6 – Accessories: The accessories are the ultimate touches of the negotiating equipment – they do their best. Go to the extra mile and set up the next meeting. Even if you do, just agree with the date of a meeting. If you follow, we will discuss the state of the agreements and whether we need to add or change anything to work on both. This step is about accountability; without having to pay attention to your progress. If you do not pay attention to your progress, there is a risk that it will turn out later that something has gone wrong and that all the time, desperate emotions may occur from time to time.

If you meet for tracking and tracking, you will still have a chance to wear your negotiation suit. Do not forget that all the great clothes were worn in many seasons, and the designer went through infinite hours. Continue to practice and become a better negotiator; you will find yourself achieving the desired results easily.

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