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All leading drivers have some features. In order to be a better manager and manager, we recommend that you focus on developing the most important features.

There are many features for effective management and leadership, but I want to cover one of the most important things in this article: Clean Communication This article consists of five steps.

first Keep an open mind and listen to people what you do not understand. 2. Do not talk too much 3. Do not stay too long. 4. Prepare the message before the seat. 5. Focus the discussion on possible solutions, not the historical causes of the problems

1. Can you keep the open mind and listen to people with what you do not understand? You have to keep open thinking and listen to people with what you do not agree with. This is good for two reasons: it allows respect and allows you to better understand other possible ways of detecting the same event. This will have an impact on expanding your perspective and improving the merit of tolerance.

Your Development Opportunities

You can listen to those who disagree, which is a strong communication skill. Add this opportunity to ask more questions and encourage the conversation. Try to listen to more than you are talking about and get many more benefits.

* You only listen when you are listening, not when you talk.
* Never "put your feet" in silence.
* You will listen well as a great conversation and pleasant company.

2nd Do not Talk Too Much

Did You Know Some People Say That You Talk Too Much? This may damage your interests because it is too overwhelming. Alternatively, you can talk about topics that your knowledge is severely restricted and you can consciously promote the lack of knowledge. Did you know that empty boats are the most noise? Wisdom is often associated with silence.

Your Development Opportunities

Learn how to talk about things that your knowledge is right for. Take your habit to hold back your tongue and not "ease it".

3rd Then again, sometimes you are listening too long. There are some times when you know that you have to talk, but are nervous or because of the consequences. At this time, they recognize that leadership requires moral courage. If you are confronted with such demands, silent listening is a weakness. Your Development Opportunity Never stop the fear of expounding the truth version. In the long run, this policy gains the title of "Honest, Straight Communicator". You have to strive to get this address.

4th Prepare for a Message Before You Know It is important to prepare your ideas before the meeting. It takes time to make the message. This is a more persuasive and confident communicator.

Your Development Opportunity

You know that clear definitions of concepts and ideas are important to you. Now start asking others for a similar level of cleanliness. If you are in a difficult position with people, ask them to define their thoughts before bouncing and tell them they are wrong.

So you can save 20% of your arguments, which is caused by a different interpretation of common words.

5th Discuss the focus on potential solutions for the historical causes of problems. There are always two things to be discussed in each problem: the cause and the solution. If you spend more time on the case than the solution, you often waste your time and focus on the bad thing. Development Opportunity Recognizes that you need to focus on solving the problem rather than focusing on the causes of the problem. We develop sensitivity to the limited value of understanding reasons and the premium value of solution thinking. Ask and answer the following questions:

1. What facts do we know about?

2nd What are the facts we do not know and what we need?

3rd What time frame do we work with?

4th What is the best result or goal based on facts?

5th What are the resources? are they available to us?

6th What are the three possible action plans?

7th Which of these is the best solution?

8th What's the first step?

ninth Who is it?

10th What are we waiting?


Watch the following questions:

1. Can we paste this?

2nd Why me?

3rd Why do we get the bad luck?

4th How can you be so stupid?

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