Communication Skills – How to Listen Better

"This moment is all about your attention because it will not go any further." This quote from Dan Millman is the first step to effective listening. Listening and listening skills are vital elements of building relationships and reflecting emotional fitness. Here are seven tips to increase listening ability.

first Pay Full Attention
Make your mind that you want to hear it. We often think we're listening, but we're in our mind everywhere.

2nd Be present to hear
Stay in the present and focus on those words that you really hear what they are saying. This is especially important if you are filled with an emotional reaction to the things you hear. Wait for you to stay in the present, and be alert to being mentally busy answering the question.

3rd Ask for clarification
This is a very useful ability because it is better to understand where the other person comes from. Initially, you may be able to react internally to words without being aware of what they say.

4th See yourself as a separate person
Surprisingly, this is the most common problem in communication struggles. Remind yourself that whatever he says is from his perspective. This view allows you to hear the words associated with the other person and to objectively hear the information.

5th Listen to Objective
You're for Yourself. No one else can feel anything. Your emotional reactions belong to you. If you hear what they are saying to the other person, then you will not be able to personalize what you hear.

6th You are responsible for
Your job is to determine who you are. That's real. If you accept this completeness, you can listen much to someone's say. The words they say to you are filtered through you and decide how you want to react to them.

7th Listen and Listen
During your stay in the present and in the case of objective listening, you will find that communication will be much less burdened. You will be able to decide and answer in a way that you feel that you are responsible. You will feel the empowerment, because you will feel yourself and decide how you respond to what I say.

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