Communication skills can be taught

Ask the couples that they think the basis of a good, healthy, satisfying relationship, and 9 out of 10 are likely to be "communication." Good communication is based on a good relationship.

What do we know about communication?

  • Communication is complex. The more important the relationship is, the more complex it is.
  • Communication is bidirectional – both speech and silence
  • . so healthy samples can be learned. We are not victims of negative patterns of communication.
  • Communication is inevitable. CAN NOT be communicated. Even silence is a form of communication. So the question is not that we will communicate but how will we communicate.
  • Communication is able to connect or break down. John Gottman's research shows that at least 5 positive moments have to be grouped for every 1 negative if our marriage is stable. This is a 5: 1 ratio of positive and negative communication and shared experiences.

Communication More Than Words

  • Often, when we think about communication, we mean words. What are we gonna say? How will we express it? The truth is, however, that only 7% of our communication includes words.
  • 55% of our communication is not verbal – facial expression, body language
  • 38% of voice communication [19659014] Differences in communication style

    • Gender plays a role in communication
    • Differences in personality affect the way of communication
    • Questions of the family of origin are created
    • ) is decorated by "expanding", uses a lot of words, reports feelings, emotions and facts. 2) The "entrepreneur" reduces the information on bare nubs, uses the shortest possible words and only means facts

    Communication in communication (speaking skills)

    • We need to be able to shape our needs and desires clearly. We must learn to be strong without being aggressive.
    • The requested request is not the same as the claim.
    • Our partner can not read the thought – we need to tell him his thoughts, feelings, desires, etc. .

    Keeping Your Parents in Communication (Listening Skills)

    • The purpose of listing is to clearly understand our partners' messages.
    • We can develop our ability to let our partners know what we were saying and why
    • We can not read the mind of our partner – we need to understand

    3 communication patterns

    • which includes exploring the details of the day. This is usually a superficial, non-threatening conversation.
    • We're Facing / Checking which means we're trying to bend others to our will. This is a negative, stress-inducing communication. With speech and listening skills, we get more contact and share our thoughts, feelings, and desires. When we join, we invest so much energy to listen to our partners' thoughts, feelings, and desires as we share ourselves. This pattern of communication leads to greater understanding and proximity.

      Communication is vital, complex and inevitable. Take the time to discover your communication patterns and trends with your partner.

      Read the Reading. Keep learning. Growing!

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