Communication Skills – Avoid These Things

To be a better communicator, avoid these things:

1. Make a decision for decisions, evaluations, and conclusions. Instead, let's start with the facts. What did you notice? Write down what you saw or heard in this situation.

2nd Essential, wrong, accusative, inflammatory. We know how to react to these things, so how can we get so easy? If you have to make some mistakes in the other person or ideas, try first to try to establish a relationship. Ask me now that you want critical feedback?

3rd Honest. You have to make good judgments about situations. But you have to divide these judgments in a non-judgmental way. What does that mean? This means you do not put the other person down and do not feel bad or bad. Their perspectives may be wrong, but be sure to tell them they are still worthy people.

4th Right with your decisions. Make sure you are licensed to discuss this right now. Even if you're your boss, you want them ready and emotionally prepared to discuss their criticisms. Perhaps a later time is better for them.

5th Too much anger. If you are very angry, it takes time to cool down. Proceed or wait a day. Explosion with anger is one of the most common mistakes among the leaders. Today's pressure makes it more common. But bad interviews are many: people react with their own aggression or passive and find ways to return later. If the wind is above the above, they will return their opinion. One of the most common tasks of executive coaches is to help an executor better handle anger.

6th The other man's guilt. This seems to work. They do what they want because they feel guilty of them. But they'll pay you later. For example, they will hide their mistakes better in the future. They exaggerate anger, and they may feel sorry for others.

Avoid these things, and rather do what I've suggested, and you will be much more comfortable communicating that your work and relationships will be successful.

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