Common characteristics and use of the phase cabin of control antennas

One of the main components of the directional antenna system, which includes a receiver or transmitter that transforms electric current through radio waves, and vice versa, a phase device (also known as phasor wardrobe). This system is largely used in managed AM stations and in the mid-wavelength (AM) bandwidth, as it allows signal amplification in a given direction and reduces interference between unwanted stations in other directions. It is possible to determine the degree of control of the radiation pattern of the antenna, which is controlled by the amplitude and phase weights of each element.

The phase device is used to ensure maximum accuracy and stability. The phasor manages the power sent to each antenna tower in the system. The phasor cabinet tuning coils, vacuum / mica capacitors, inductors, RF contactors, and the interfaces of circuits connected to the other components are held; each located in the cabinet where one can make the most settings (on the control buttons on the front panel) to increase the coverage area or reach the best antenna gain (latitude) and path or cancel the interference.

Phasor can also help solve small transmission problems. It is not uncommon for a slight change in antenna direction or performance. However, a simple repair can be used to control the cabinet keys. During the radio component, phase and power arriving at each antenna can be set.

On the phasor cabinet surface, you can check the base current level without opening the cabinet doors or removing the panels as there are indicators that show the operating mode. However, a technician may need cabinets & # 39; rear doors for simple parts to access all built-in parts. Occasionally, an engineer may need to check the equipment inside the cabinet when it detects a system failure when inspecting the system. From inside, a person can insert a measuring device, such as troubleshooting and improperly repaired.

A good example is that the phasor does not work properly when reading the antenna's antenna content drastically changes or missing a short-circuit bar (J-plug) that may have dropped out of the socket / socket. Occasionally, the cabinet requires a radio engineer to discover the problem (s) and ensure that the transmitter (s) feeds it.

In addition to moving the phase or increasing the amplitude of the signal, for example, in order to reach the direction required for the antenna system, the phasor unit is critical to the operation of other devices, Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU) Line Terminal Unit (LTU) and Antenna Link Unit (ACU), whose power lines are also correlated with each tower. In order to achieve sufficient signal strength and the appropriate phase and fitting of the array parameters, it is a prime task for each unit to work for the other to get the desired patterned direction and reach the desired measurements.

In summary, the façade alignment and power distribution equipment for the directed AM operation, which is placed in the cabinet, is deliberately used as a phase unit controller to ensure the performance of individual antennas. It is commonly used as an observation system to control pattern changes that can be customized to meet the user's needs.

Common features of the good cabinet:

• Easy access to the front and rear panels with articulated doors

• Control of current levels without door opening

• For precise adjustment of digital front controls, rotary buttons or aluminum buttons

• Dual AC sockets in each compartment

• Clear identification of each component with engraved labels

• Easy access J-plugs including ancillary bridge earth poles

• Indoor panels separating each other , thus providing RF insulation for daytime and nighttime networks.

• Various fixed and variable capacitors

• An input current meter that allows remote output

Manufacturing and placement: Directed antennas packing units are typically non-corrosive aluminum weatherproof housings metal cabinets (for indoor use) or support racks; the wall mounted panel and shelf ATU type.

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