Coaching practice for high school tennis

Are you a high school tennis coach?

If you are one, let me ask this question of tracking.

How well do you practice practice every day?


The best high school tennis coaches are doing great coaching practice in practice.

[4] Here are four areas that need to be focused on practice in practice and new ideas and exercises to be tested to help players spend maximum time on the pitch.

The goal is creativity, innovation and efficiency.

1) Footwork-

The better they are to move, the better they will be in the court game.

You should focus on short, explosive, and powerful first steps.

I like the dynamic warming drills in the beginning in practice instead of static stretching

2) Repeats-

Utilizing Repetitions in Practice

In High School

the player never develops the basic thrust because he is not satisfied with the practice. each player must do a daily goal and make sure they are doing them.

3) Creative Drills –

Study and test new drills, This game is held on top of the coaching game and players stay there.

YouTube is a good place to find drills, and they're all free.

Most of the big drills are just other trainer drills that someone has taken and adapted creatively in a creative way

My PTR test told me:

Try learning a new day or creating a new workout!

4) Point / Matches-


Get players the points and create situational training for them.


You do not have to try to win these games

Must play new games and focus on discovering an authentic gaming style

The most important point of practice matches is to try new shots and focus the discovery of the game.

After each practice match, each of them must write their results in his tennis record.



They are honest and keep that information for themselves.

This magazine is just for your eyes

I'm telling you because you want us to use the feedback that

Players who use the right path can move faster than players, who do not.

Well, of course.


Zone in practice from 4 aspects r within the next 3 months, and you must see impressive results from our players.

Just study the great tennis players and find a trainer who has created a great practical system for the team.

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