CB radio for beginners

CB radio or (bandslide) radio is the perfect medium-range communication device. The two-way radio that is purchased in the average shop usually works on GRMS or FRS frequencies. These frequencies are limited to a few miles and are still limited due to buildings, trees, mountains and all obstacles. CB radios can reach up to 150 miles, sometimes more. CBs operate at different frequencies than traditional consumer radios, enabling them to receive these expanded ranges and thus generate the preferred communication tools.


Radio waves are electromagnetic waves that rely on the antenna. Radios may oscillate at a certain frequency to receive or transmit waves. Megahertz means millions of cycles per second, so if we measure a signal at 500 megahertz, it means that the frequency oscillates every 500 million times per second. Examples are the frequencies used in the world.

o AM radio – 535 kilohertz to 1.7 megahertz

o Short-wave radio ranges from 5.9 to 26.1 megahertz

o (CB) Civic Band Radio – 26.96 megahertz and 27.41 megahertz

o TV stations – 54 to 88 megahertz for 2-6. channels

o FM radio – 88 megahertz and 108 megahertz

o TV station – 174 – 220 MHz for channels 7 to 13


Antennas work well with radios if the antenna length is equal to the wavelength to be transmitted. The CB radio starts at 25.01 MHz, which means that the antenna has to be nearly 39 feet to match the wavelength.

Wavelength (feet) = 984 / frequency (MHz)

It is obvious that 40 feet is a bit long for most cars or even homes, so people tend to use antennas that have a fraction of their proper length such as 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 or 5/8.

There are approximately 40 channels in the CB spectrum, but it is obvious that it is not possible for a person at all frequencies. To compensate for most aids somewhere, it is located in the center of the spectrum to reach as many channels as possible. This loses little energy, as electricity is not transmitted by all radio frequencies.

CB Radio Types

There are basically two types of CB radio; portable or standing. The portable CB is a much smaller area due to a smaller antenna, but it works wonderfully with a nearby long-range base station. Many people choose to buy a base station in the car because it has full functionality and can be used with the antenna in their car or with a separate antenna for home use. Here are some examples of CB radios:

Base CB radio – Cobra 148 GTL

The 148 GTL is the best CB you can buy without a fortune. This CB uses the sidebar that is among the main frequencies, thus providing not only the full 40 channels but also additional 40 side channel channels.

Portable CB Radio – Cobra Compact / Remote Mount

This radio is portable in all CBs in all positions. This is a great example of mixing modern technology with the classic portable CB.


Some people think the CB radios are limited to 50 to 300 miles, they're wrong. Although technically illegal (in the US), many hobbiers choose to put radio signals over the ionosphere, which reaches areas around the world during difficult sunshine activity. As the skip relies on sun radiation, if you have a limited sunset effect, you may not be able to jump at all. Likewise, a long period of sunshine allows you to talk around the world for a long time. The only exception to this is in the middle of summer when there is a false sunshine activity, though it is very unpredictable.

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