How to become a Project Manager?

The eight skills required by project management

I remember when I "backed up" from a modest engineer to the dizzying height of a project manager in my twenties. My company I worked on was able to turn a rational engineer into a poor project manager!

Worse than the company also wanted the project to be a "technical architect" (product creation)

project management skills to manage change.

The frazzled brain is trained until the middle of the week: "I have to get this plan optimized … but I have to do it by Friday and don't have to spend more than 15 hours" [19659002] Whatever the area of ​​the organization, it's important to understand the difference here is

1. Professionals use their skills and experience to create special products (publications). These products can be hardware, software, roads, documents, service delivery, aircraft, buildings, carpentry and HR policies, – the list is endless.

2nd On the other hand, project managers need general management skills (for problem solving):

Project managers are there to plan and manage the work – DO NOT do it!

So what is project management? Setting Skills

1. Become a leader and manager.

Leaders share and communicate a shared vision (a future state); reach an agreement and determine the direction ahead. Motivate others. Managers are delivering results and focusing on doing the job that meets the accepted requirements.

A good project manager can always switch from manager to manager when situations require.

2nd Be Team Building and Team Leader

Because projects are often cross-functional because they use people who haven't worked together before. The task of the project manager is to set the team's "voice" and lead them to the different team development stages to the team where they act as a team

. and so the PM has no implicit authority – yet it has to motivate the individual. This is especially true for a "matrix" organization

3. Problem Solver

This is a skill you can learn – just a little "detective" job!

First, you need to identify the "potential" causes that cause the problem. ". The reasons come from a variety of sources: some

* interpersonal problems

* internal resources

* external sources

* technical resources

* management resources

* communications [19659002] * reviews or perceptions

and so on. The next step, after finding the root causes, is to analyze the potential options and alternatives and determine the best way to act. Make sure what the "best" really is here!

4th Be Negotiating and Influencing

The trial is working with other people with the intention of reaching a common understanding. You don't have to have the ball-ball power struggle you can think of!

For example, if a team is working late to comply with the deadline when it comes to Ball Game

And for all these, some influencing ability is required. Influencing events is to convince the other person that your way is the right way – even if it's not what you want. The power of influence is the ability to bring people to things they do not otherwise.

5th Being an excellent communicator

Recognizing as a communicator means it is a two-way street. The information goes into the project and the information goes out of the project. A good summary of this is that all communications through the project must be clear and complete.

As a project leader, he has to deal with written and verbal communication. Some examples are documents, meetings, reviews, reports and evaluations. Good mental guidance is one who "needs this information, who collects and delivers it when or how often it is needed and in what form I give them"

6. Be a good organizer

Think of the aspect that needs to be organized; submitting a project, including all documentation, contract, email, reminder, opinion, meetings, special documents, requirements and specifications, reports, changes, questions, risks, etc.

It's almost impossible to organize without Time Management Skills. so add it to the list!

7th Be a competent and consistent designer

Planning skills cannot be underestimated (and not estimated).

There are known and logical steps in creating plans. As a project manager you will definitely get the project plan – but others may depend on the project. Examples of stage plans, picking plans, team plans, transfer plans, benefit plans, etc.

Don't worry if you haven't heard a few of them because they are not needed – just know

Here are two aspects to mention:

a. a plan – the only schedule chart.

b.) Successful projects are provided by a successful team. ALWAYS use the team to help create the plan (unless there is rarely a good reason why not, such as commercial secrecy or contractual terms)

8. Creating and managing budgets

The focus is on the ability to estimate – especially cost estimates. Almost always, the project manager will need some knowledge of financial techniques and systems along with accounting principles

. This shows the planned spending with a time scale. The PM wants to participate in invoices, time accounts, labor costs, etc. Purchasing, quoting, matching.

The project manager must then determine what has happened to the planned and expected final costs. Usually accounting and project management tools help – but don't forget the trash in the trash!

Well, it almost summarizes the main areas.

all – well-known methods, tools, guidelines, and procedures to help you improve your project management's vital life skills

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Best practice in project management: communication management

The topic of project communication management is close to my heart. In terms of best practices, communication is likely to be the main part of running successful projects. I know this was one of the best reasons why I was successful.

It is accepted that communication accounts for about 90% of the project leader. This is the reason why I always start with best practice in project communication management. Excellent communication skills are at the top of the list of requirements for a trained project manager.

What is Project Communication Management?

Theoretically, it relates to the proper production, collection, storage and dissemination of project information. Project planning needs to identify the information and communication needs of stalkers, timely dissemination of information during implementation, measurement of status and progress, and collection of information needed to complete the project during closure. How can this be applied in practice?

Should you pay special attention here …

When does best practice in project communication lead?

To be the best practice in project communication management, it must be applied on a regular, consistent basis throughout the project's life cycle, from start to finish, to planning, implementation, monitoring and closure. You have to make the point where the project becomes a routine task. It informs all stakeholders and confirms that the project is in good hands. (This is what they pay to project managers, isn't it?)

Project Communication Management in 4 Simple Steps

1. Communication management needs to be planned:

  • Who needs project information?
  • When is it needed?
  • How will the information be?
  • Who?

A document in the plan that describes information that is verbal (progress discussions, presentations), whether formal or informal. How to store and distribute information. The communication management plan is part of a complete project plan and as simple as a one-sided communication matrix for a detailed communication plan depending on the size and complexity of the project.

2. How to disseminate information?

Dissemination is about making information available to project owners in a timely manner. This is about how to store, share, and edit information (written, oral, internal, external, formal, and informal, etc.)

3. Performance Report

The performance report aims to provide owners with information to get the status, progress and forecast. It generally provides information on scope, timetable, cost and quality, as well as risk and procurement where applicable.


The administrative closure of the project is a very neglected aspect of project communication management but this is where the results of the project are reviewed and documented, the analysis of success, and where lessons learned and archived.

Determine the Project Communication Management

Following the best practice of the project communication management leads to a well-structured project and consistent performance of the project leader. By exercising this important skill you will ensure that you are on the right track for an effective project management expert.

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Advantages of buying mobile phones

Some people feel they need to buy handsets for their devices, while others feel they shouldn't. If you were already on the fence, here are some of the main reasons to buy a case for your phone.

Benefits of Buying a Phone Number

There are several reasons why you should buy a case for your mobile phone. These are:

Drop Protection : I agree that the current mobile devices are thinner and finer than ever. Studies show that you have to leave the phone at least once or twice a year. To prevent the phone from cracking or being completely damaged, install a case.

Beauty : The original appearance of the phone is bored. Instead of buying a new tool, simply buy a new case. In this way, you give the device a new look and protect it from damage

Increase your resale value : If it's like most people, you want the latest device on the market. To get the money to buy a new phone, you probably need to sell your old phone number. If the old device looks like cracks or old, no one is interested and buyers would like to buy it at a low price. When you buy a case, it protects your device from scratches and it keeps your phone in a new look, so interested customers buy at a high price.

Unique Appearance : Phone covers have a unique look and feel in different colors and patterns. Since every phone has the same external look when your own is different, you look unique.

Tips for Buying a Phone Number

When you buy a case for your phone, there are many tips to consider. When shopping, make sure you buy a device that is compatible with your phone design. As already mentioned, you need to buy your phone if you want to protect it from injury. Because cases have different protection capabilities, you need to buy a case that meets your security needs.

There are several types of telephone cases available. Buying the wrong unit not only feels bad in your choice, but also reduces the effectiveness of the case. To be safe, you need to take the time to research and buy the right unit for your needs.

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How to Avoid or Improve iPhone X Building Problems

iPhone X Screen Fusing Problem

One of the main attractions of the new iPhone is the 5.8-inch OLED panel. If the display shows items that have been displayed for a long time or very often, they may be noticeable on the panel even if they are not needed. This is one of the disadvantages of OLED screens. This is not just about the iPhone X, but the same problem with Pixel 2 XL.

How to Avoid Scratching the iPhone X Screen

Maximize the Life of the Super Retina OLED Panel

An important point is to upgrade your iPhone to the latest version of iOS as soon as it is available. Apple also recommends that you do not overheat the panel brightness, ideally set to automatic control (Settings – General – Accessibility – Customize the display).

Another point is to activate the phone's automatic lock that turns off the display. The appropriate settings are in Settings> Display and Brightness. Apple recommends that the shutdown interval be set to 30 or 60 seconds. This prevents the phone from staying on the desktop empty.

Mysterious Vertical Green Lines on iPhone X

Another reported problem is the vertical green lines that appear along the edges of the panel. The unknown cause of this phenomenon will not remove the factory data restart or restore. MacRumors says Apple is replacing the affected iPhone again. In addition, defective pieces are subjected to an analysis that can reveal the cause of the error.

The iPhone X display does not respond to cold temperatures

The latest iPhone X display doesn't respond at low temperatures. This is probably a software problem because the device locks and unlocks the problem.

How to fix the iPhone X problem with a low-temperature, non-responding display:

Apple has announced that they will be aware of the problem and will be recorded in the next system update (version 11.1.2). The iOS 11.1.2 update can be downloaded for free on all the appropriate devices in the Settings application. To access this update, go to Settings> General> Software Update.

Apple has also released a manual that shows certain interactions that range from a temperature range of 0 to 35 degrees Celsius, called comfort zone

Speaker or buzzing of the iPhone X speaker

Another, repeatedly reported device error in the loudspeaker or buzzing sounds when the speaker is loud. While some users have noticed the noisy sounds in the peak volume, others detect a 70 percent level, which is quite unpleasant. Unfortunately, the problem is not just about media playback, as it also affects call quality

The good news is that Apple automatically switches devices with faulty speakers.

Do not panic

previous problems, users ask for a device without their hidden error, and widespread problems indicate that the iPhone X is not a completely hassle-free tool. It has to be said, however, that millions of pieces have been sold in a short time, so nothing is unusual about the possible occurrence of anomalies.

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Mobile development makes your phone smarter

Mobile phones have been effectively recognized as a module that can produce more than making voice calls. The number of enjoyable and attractive features has made tremendous progress in the field of mobiles. With mobile phones, apart from voice calls, you can make text messages, click photos, chat with friends, make video calls, exchange links, exchange documents, send emails, record movies, and much more. This result is conceivable by launching more up-to-date and better applications for end users

. Apple made the most important change with the launch of the iPhone. He made a huge hit and created his own special market in the mobile world. From then on he did not look back into the cell phone area and offered various modules, such as Android, Blackberry phones.

Following the availability of a long list of harmonious applications with one or more devices, the mobile industry is preparing open arms to recognize new, inventive and attractive applications for that particular field. In such a case, the mobile development service providers provide mobile application developer services to give greater value to a handheld device.

Mobile services have shortened the distance between individuals and have significantly improved the way of communication than recently for a while. As mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our everyday needs, a wide range of mobile phones come in the mobile industry. Subsequently, the rate of presentation of new applications has also increased. This has changed the usual mobile phone on a smartphone that gives extreme debate to each other. Some of the most common mobile apps are hotels, climate, new, travel, games, education, etc.

Mobile development organizations hire teams of mobile developers who are competitive in delivering the results of easy and complicated applications. They understand business patterns and are ready to deal with difficulties and difficulties in creating a solution that can be sufficient for most customers.

In the case of a phenomenal concept of creating a new application for a mobile phone, the services of mobile application engineers must be involved in reality. They will think about the business, plan the layout, work out the solution, and ultimately test carefully to guarantee a trouble-free solution for future customers. You can choose to introduce it in application stores or other mobile programming distribution systems. Customers can download preferred applications to their mobile phones and make the most of their applications in their daily lives.

Mobile developers need to alleviate the complexity of performing a proper test on all platforms. Some business organizations increase development resources by establishing the stability of native user interaction on the backend platform. In such a situation, the mobile application can be run effectively as a web application interface

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Play Loudly: LG U400

The LG U400 phone is a stunning beauty thanks to the black glitter of the sensor. The silver scroll roller is placed in a vibrant electric blue frame. There are three additional keys next to the navigation wheel that serve the basic functions of erase, lock, and call / receive. The sliding lid fits snugly. The buttons are well positioned so the keyboard can be operated.
SMS, MMS, and phones equipped to create, receive, and send email are POP3, SMTP, and IMAP4 because the client server supports enhanced and enhanced mail.

The Tri-band The LG U400 is a 3G phone capable of supporting video streaming and calling. The phone has a 2 megapixel camera with VGA (video graphics array). The 262 K color display has a resolution of 240×320 pixels. The phone makes video recording easier and also provides a blue tone. The USB cable is useful for transferring data and applications. The internal memory of the LG U400 is 70 MB. This can be expanded with the Micro SD memory card slot. The appeal of the phone lies in its slimness. It weighs 114 grams and easily fits into the palm of your hand with a size of 99.8x48x18.9 mm.

The most obvious feature of the phone is the music function. LG U400 can play audio in MP3, AAC, AAC +, AAC + and WMA formats. Provides a pub experience because the wheel can scratch to create tunes by simply selecting the options available in the two modes. The phone plays a wonderful range of musical styles – choppy and blossoming intense and deep. Ten instruments and five tempos can be used to create a plangent sound environment.
And if music is synonymous with your life, you can play MP3, AAC +, AAC LC, XMF, AMR NB and AMR WB ringtones. So play loud … the ultimate music tool! LG U400

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Review and test the best free iPhone applications

The Light Application

Can you find a flashlight in the dark? This app converts your iPhone

flashlight quickly and easily. It's ideal if you're looking for keys or trying something in the car.

The EReader

Forget the bulky and cumbersome Kindle, this app makes the iPhone an eBook reader. Tin

You can buy and download them from the ereader or Fictionwise, as well as many other eBook stores. EReader is a fantastic little tool.


If you are a post-it notary and are tired of being misused or simply forgotten

about this, this app is a cool way to record all the things that have been spoiled

over your apartment and take it with you. Even sync your iPhone to your PC or Mac. What fab it?


For those who simply can't live without upgrading their friends every second

. With this application you can also change your heart


This app allows you to upload content to a blog or upload images to your site, and even your Twitter followers know when something is new on your site as it automatically changes them. A little catch – you need to use the web-based service.

Remote Application

Connect your phone to a remote control with your Wi-Fi network and enjoy the tunes in your house. Why get off the couch if this app can get the music you want

to move

Save Benjis

My personal favorite as I am constantly hunting for the best deal. This iPhone application allows you to keep track of the best deals on the Internet, comparing an item with up to a thousand other stores. More than fifteen million products can be searched and compared. Plus, buy products and read reviews directly from your phone!

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Samsung E570 – Girls, for you

Samsung mobile phones are known for their fashionable designs and high performance. Since the first step in the mobile market, Samsung Electronics has earned numerous accolades worldwide. Between Asia and Europe, from Africa to Australia, Samsung mobile phones are preferred everywhere. Although Samsung is increasingly competing with companies such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson, it has managed to capture a large part of the growing mobile market. Whether it's a slider, a mussel or a simple candybar-form in every segment, Samsung has shown its excellence.

The recently launched Samsung E570 is a sexy handset with a silver stripe bounded by a metallic pink casing. Particularly for girls, this phone weighs 86 x 45 x 24 mm and weighs 81 kg. The internal screens (1.8 inch 65k color, 176 x 220 pixels TFT screen) and external (176 x 16 pixels OLED mono) are sharp and bright. The phonebook has a large capacity – the phone can store up to 1000 contacts in 12 fields.

The Samsung E570 is a good alternative to the camera – the phone has a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera with video recordings. An integrated music player is also integrated into the music. Sound quality is great! The Samsung E570 can also be used as a web explorer – WAP 2.0 / xHTML. Another striking feature of the handset is the built-in step counter that informs you of the number of steps taken during the day.

The Samsung E570 boasts a number of other important features such as voice memo, built-in speakerphone, Java MIDP 2.0, SMS, EMS, MMS, email, Bluetooth, USB, GPRS Class 10, EDGE etc. 6 hours talk time and up to 250 hours standby time.

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What to consider when switching from Android to iPhone

Despite the fact that many people are tempted, many users are worried that they are taking a radical step in changing their mobile phone and operating system … what about pictures, music collection and relationships? Switching from iOS to Android and moving all data can be difficult, but not impossible. So there is no reason to stay "stuck" on Apple products or on the Google Network: here's how to try to jump without despair. In this detail, we will cover the steps of switching from Android to iOS.

Using the Conversion Application

If you do not want to pass the data step by step, you can use the features of the migration application, such as the free copy or AT&T mobile service, although the available applications vary from country to country. This application transfers partners, calendars, photos and videos over a Wi-Fi connection so you don't have to connect your phone to your computer.

In any case, before starting the following points, you should see that the successful entrepreneur FERAS ANTOON said. You just need to download the app to both phones; Android and iPhone and follow the instructions

How to switch contacts and other documents

During the configuration process, when you add the desired email accounts to your new iPhone or iPad, you can also choose to include the email account information, whether it's a connection, a calendar, or a note.

on the other hand, if you store your contacts and calendars on a social network account like Facebook, Twitter or Weibo, you can use the same networks to transfer to the new iPhone.

Sign in from your mobile phone in the desired application and activate calendar and contacts settings. According to data from July 2015, Apple sold 47.5 million iPhones in the quarter ending in June, 35% more than last year. But iPad demand continued to decline, 18% less than last year. Additionally, if you create an account in iCloud with your Apple ID, you can also import contacts that are included in the vcard file and stored in the cloud.

To do this, type ] with your Apple account and click "Contacts". Click the bottom left icon that looks like a small wheel and select "Import VCard".

When the new iPhone is turned on, the installation wizard will help you activate iCloud on your mobile phone. If you skip this step in the configuration process, you can manually activate Settings or Settings> iCloud. With iCloud, you can also access your iPhone, Excel, or PowerPoint document from the cloud.

In order not to lose the photos and videos of your Android phone, you need to transfer them to your new iPhone or iPad using an application or computer with iTunes. Depending on your country, Apple App Store and the Google Play Store have different data transfer applications.

In addition to the above-mentioned general data transfer applications, there are other specific images such as PhotoSync. Alternatively, you can copy images to iTunes using a Mac or PC. To do this, you first need to transfer the images from your Android phone to your computer and then sync them with iTunes.

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Samsung G600 – 5 Megapixel Wonder!

The Samsung G600 is the new competitor in the 5 megapixel camera phones competition, which seems to be the new frenzy in the mobile phone market around the world. We have seen the Nokia N95, which has taken the mobile phone markets by storm. Now we expect the Nokia N95 to add up to 8GB, which is expected to arrive at Christmas markets. So we look forward to the arrival of the LG KU990 Viewty and the Sony Ericsson K850i, each equipped with a 5 Mega pixel camera.

Allows you to study the Samsung G600 to understand in detail. The Samsung G600 is said to be the thinnest mobile phone that hit the UK mobile phone market. The USP of this device is a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED light. Camera reviews are very good and work well for mobile phones. There are other features such as brilliant connectivity features, including the Quad-Band GSM network, which operates worldwide, including the American subcontinent. In addition, other features such as GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth are available to improve the connectivity of the device. But it would have been better to see this device with a 3G connection, which remains one of the biggest drawbacks of this device.

This device also has a music player that plays music in MP3 / AAC / AAC + / e-AAC + / WMA format. With its FM stereo radio, you can keep up with the latest events in the world. In addition, the Samsung G600 can become a perfect business tool as it can access all corporate data in MS Office format. You can easily carry your work out of your office and access it anywhere.

So the Samsung G600 is a nice gadget that has a number of top-quality features for the kitten. And it would certainly rock the UK mobile phone market.

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