Career Life Mind Mapping

Mapping the mind gives you the opportunity to really think about these issues and your life and career.

The mind-mapping technique I find useful is what I call Micro / Highlight / Macro. This three-step approach can be divided as follows:

  1. Micro-Oriented Brainstorming in Key Areas
  2. Highlight – Examine all focused mind maps and select the most two or three most important ones
  3. Macro – create a mind map that Includes Highlights in Section 2

Section 1 – Micro-Focused Brainstorming

Determine the key areas that matter to you. Each one will create a custom mind map.

The following suggestions can give you some ideas.

Your Network

  • Who thinks the key players around him – those who directly influence you
  • Who would surround him to support them? Those who recommend asking
  • Who would look at a blocker – Those who may be obstacles for you

You can also categorize your network into personal / career / field, etc. .

Financial Goals

Have a Financial Purpose.

  • Search x $ $ per year
  • Find / Save x $ $ in all books of Napolean Hill in the "Think and Grow Rich" book suggests you set an EXACT amount because it has a more definite effect a subconscious mind.
  • Amount of Invest x $$

Interesting Areas

  • Van Hobby
  • Technical Area
  • ]
  • Experience in Some Fields
  • Communication Skills
  • Goals

    • Book

      • Writing a Book

        • White Paper
        • Position
        • Short / Long Term

        Anchors – The idea comes from self-evaluation of career anchors.

        • Personal
        • Children
        • Home
        • Car
        • Friends
        • Education Back to School?
        • Hobbies (Learn to play a tool?)
        • Community Participation

        Section 2 – Highlight

        Review all focused / micro mind maps . Highlight each of the top 2-3 (Use marker / highlighter).

        Section 3 – Macro

        Here you can merge all the highlighted information from the newly created target map.

        I think it is most useful to use a sheet of paper because the paper costs make it easier to empty the paper. If you want to use the software, there is free software that is useful. One of these free tools is FreeMind.

        You can also download this pdf template which you can print. The suggestions from this short abbreviation help the creative process.

        Now what?

        Now that you have your career experience map, you can use it as a guide when making decisions. If there is no written career plan, this is the next step. Use this mind map as an announcement in the thinking process when it comes to a career plan.
        In this process, it is most likely that you have identified the shortcomings and now you have made a plan for the most important ones.

        Place this mind map in a place you will see and easily accessible. This should be done at least once a year to make the data relevant.

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