Car Stereo Output Converter

The line output converter can be defined as a small device that converts high-voltage speaker-level signals into preamplifier-level signals; which is acceptable for an amplifier. If u wants to connect an amplifier to a car stereo that does not have a speaker input, this means that an output converter is required to have preamplifier outputs. This way, you can connect the receiver to an amplifier by converting the speaker output of the receiver to pre-amplification signals. It consists of a transformer and a high voltage resistor (10-20 watts) and connects to the amplifier with a RCA patch cable. The amplifier in the head unit is charged by the resistor. It has a controllable amplifier function to disconnect the output

Most line output converters are used to ground the transformer wire. If the head unit is "switched on" the output voltage of the output loudspeakers, the DC battery falls almost half and becomes switched on quickly. While the power is off, the voltage is 0 DC. As mentioned above, head unit outputs have a high increase in DC voltage when the head unit is switched on. The transformer ensures the voltage variation between the two input terminals. Since the DC voltage increases simultaneously at both input terminals, DC rhythm can not be reimbursed. There are various line output converters available on the market, but Gizmo Peripheral continues to be the leader in the industry in the highest quality.

There are simple instructions for line output converters that need to be considered. Therefore, connect the audio cable loudspeaker wires to the unit from the car radio. The line output converter then reduces the sound level of all in-loudspeaker loudspeakers until the output signals are off to the preamplifier input of the amplifier. The adapter scanner performs a number of different applications. Accepts speaker level output and converts them to preamp level outputs. This also comes with a fader control function, which means; two-channel amplifier or 4-channel amplifier can be easily disconnected and no drum control can be made

Adjustable line output converters help convert the output of the radio speaker to the lower amplifier input of the RCA. Installers use the stereo-level conversion of speakers to RCA levels with hi / low adapters connected to an external car stereo amplifier. Hi / low converter with 2 channels and 4 channels available or not. It is important to note that the car stereo and amplifiers match. Adjustable hi / low converters allow the hi / low to fine-tune the car's level and is the most popular in the adjustable output converter. There are many adjustable output converter for 2 channels and 4 channels. For example, Soundgate's "LOC A" Adjustable High Power Hi / Low Adapter has full DC insulation and 40 Watts and Soungate "XR4", this dual function, such as an aftermarket receiver for a factory amplifier or four-channel amplifiers in a factory receiver. This feature allows you to configure all four channels.

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