Car Stereo Cabling 101 – Must Read!

In the past 10 years I have met many car stereo systems. There are so many "techniques" that can be used to mount feathers. Everyone has their own opinion of what is right and wrong when switching on the system, but it only works because it does not work.

I asked Majestic Modifications what their views on the subject. How do you install so many units and are you always okay?

First, always use the wiring harness. The remanufactured wiring harness usually takes the guesswork out of the installation. These wiring harnesses are connected to the vehicle's factory wiring harness and provide color-coded installation. It only links red, yellow or yellow. But is every installer to know?

From the digital multimeter, locate the wiring harness power sources. One source is continuous 12 V, the other is ACC 12 V. This will get the yellow and red wires from the worn harness of the remanufactured headunit. They are properly labeled. Generally, it is a good idea to connect the earth wire to the frame of the fastener. Many head units have a connector that is already connected to the ground wire. Secure them in place with some soldering and shrinkage. Slide the shrink hose to one of the wires to be connected and remove it from the road. Connect the wires and a bit of solder to the wire. Allow to cool and slide the heat exchanger over the connection. Heat with a gun / hair dryer to shrink the tube.

You can try to look at the internet for the color of the cord, but good luck. They say "typical" wires, but it is likely to be different. You can try two techniques to find the right wires. Connect the wires from the factory. You can test the loudspeakers with a good 9 volt battery to see which speakers are. Two wires are connected to the same loudspeaker that it pops. Note which speaker makes the pop and connect the speaker wire to the head unit. I like to turn on the unit and make sure the wires have the correct polarity. The reverse wired speaker will not have a good sound like a properly wired speaker. Continue the technique until all the loudspeakers are connected.

Another option is to press the loudspeakers down to turn the headset on, but be careful not to pass through the wires. Start a few wires and connect them one by one until you hear a sound. Note which speaker is there and connect it to the speaker wire from the wiring harness and not polarity. Continue until all the leads are found. Close the cord and carefully pull them behind the headunit.

Make sure you have a good wired connection. Make sure the RCAs or signal wires run out of any power source or source and do not run in parallel.

If you want a nice trick, you can connect the 12-volt battery to the lighting wire and turn it on with the parking light switch. Note that you can turn the power on at any time, but the dashboard lights will light up but will not notice them during the day. The illumination wire is used to turn on the factory radio switches at night.

The car's wiring harness is not like the do- or die situation. If you can get the wiring harness, save the hassle and time and use it. If you find yourself in a bind, follow the steps above and install it correctly.

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