Bose Wave Music System – An Honest Review

Bose Corporation has been working in the desktop radio / music system business since 1984. The latest efforts of the Bose Music Wave system are as simple as their products are well known. Instead of the top loading CD player of the previous version, this new version is pre-loaded. In addition, there are no front buttons. Instead, you can control the system with a small remote control that handles the stereo CD and radio functions. The buttons on the remote control are clearly displayed for easy use. Unfortunately, the size of the remote control is very easy to lose.

One of the goals of Bose Corporation is to reduce its size with Bose Music Wave while improving sound quality. We have achieved this goal of better quality speakers than many other expensive systems. However, the remote control does not have high or bass volume. If you feel that there is an imbalance between the two, you have no luck.

Another good selling point of the Bose Music Wave system is that it offers a 30-day free trial. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the lack of buttons, sound quality or anything else, you have the option to return it free of charge. The system clock is very practical, where you can set alarms and wake up to CD or radio music. Platinum can also be selected between white and gray gray.

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