Boost Mobile Review – Plans, Phones, Prepaid, Advantages and Disadvantages

Boost Mobile is a prepaid service provider interested in young people and hot target markets. Coverage is provided by Sprint, California. Boost Mobile has provided prepaid services over the past six years

Prepaid Plans

Boost Mobile is in the Pay As You Go plan, which boasts a 10 cents / min speed. In addition to its basic prepaid plans, Boost Mobile also includes a prepaid premium plan with a higher minutes and messages of 30, 50 and 60 dollars per month. Both Basic and Premium plans can take advantage of the Chat Plan for $ 1 a day.

Benefits and Disadvantages

They require many attractive additional features that require only a low ratio, youth market. These fees are especially good for international text messaging and the same proportions when calling Boost Mobile, like Sprint and Nextel subscribers. However, premium plans are not so different. The company offers only three premium monthly plans for $ 30, $ 50, and $ 60.



Minutes must be charged 10 centimeters in call area, and subscribers to Boost, Nextel, and Sprint. They apply the same rates for nights and weekends. Premium plans cover $ 50 a month, including 400 times, while the $ 60 plan for 600 talk time and unlimited minutes at night and weekends. Minutes exceed the same 10 cents per minute charge.


Every plan has 35 cents a day and has unlimited use. Regardless of whether or not this feature is used, 35 cents will be deducted from the subscriber's money. The subscriber must call Boost Mobile's customer service to turn off the feature to avoid charges

Text and Image

Text messages are 10 cents for both sending and sending text messages. Premium plans can give you $ 10 a month for unlimited messages, excluding international text messages and multimedia messages. Depending on the compatibility of the phone, both sent and received images, audio and video messages are 25 cents.


Your international calls are different, vary by country. Prices range from 10 cents per minute to $ 2.50 per minute, visit the Boost Mobile website for international call charges in each country.

Call Features

For basic and premium saving plans, voicemail and caller ID are also available.

Long Term

There are no long distance charges for prepaid base and premium plans between $ 30 and $ 50. As long as you are within coverage, as well as mobile phones and Sprint and Nextel subscribers, every call is charged for regular calls at 10 cents per minute. The $ 60 premium, long distance calls are included throughout the entire period; the passing of minutes can reach the same 10 cents



Payment Options

Add Minutes to Online, Accredited ATMs and Local Retail Stores. Credit cards, debit cards and checks are accepted and configured for automatic billing

Roaming fee

No roaming is part of the entire chat minutes. For the Basic Prepaid Plan, the same rate applies

Activation Fee


Percent Expiration Percentage

Protocols do not expire as long as the bill is uploaded every 90 days. Accounts must work in sufficient amount within 60 days, or Boost Mobile will cancel the bill.

Customer Service

For Customer Support and Support, Boost Mobile Subscribers can call a free number or e-mail. E-mail Support Answers Within 2 Business Days


Boost Mobile phones come from Motorola like the Walkie-Talkie i776, i425e, i425t and i335.

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