Bluetooth Basics – Bluetooth Technology Presentation

Bluetooth Basics

Bluetooth technology is not new, but in many ways it seems to be a buzz word rather than a well-known, generally accepted technology. You see ads for Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, PDAs, and laptops, and searching for's website shows you the different types of devices that take advantage of this wireless standard. But what is it?

History t The term means much less high technology than you can imagine, and its roots are found in European history. From 940 to 981, King of Denmark renamed his ability to help people communicate with their name (in English) … Harald Bluetooth. Sometimes it is a bit obscure, but the reference corresponds to the wireless communication standard.

Another item to consider is the Bluetooth logo. The characters of the insect alphabet (used in ancient Denmark) were chosen to appear to be a combination of the English letter B and the star.


Bluetooth wireless technology is a worldwide specification for low-cost, low-cost radio solutions that connects mobile computers, mobile phones, other portable handheld devices, and Internet access. "

Like 802.11 b / g wireless networking systems and many wireless phones, Bluetooth devices operate with 2.4 GHz radio signals, this band seems a bit crowded, and interference between devices is difficult. With the solutions offered in the 8 GHz band, Bluetooth has taken steps to reduce interference and improve the quality of the transmission. ] The characteristic features of Bluetooth show that the maximum transfer rate is 723 kbps and 20-100 meters (65-328 feet) depending on the class of the device, a fraction of 802.11 b or g wireless standards, so it is obvious that Bluetooth is not There are many aspects to 802.11 Bluetooth has never been a network standard, but has many practical applications.

Practical Applications

There are many products that take advantage of Bluetooth capabilities, from laptops and PDAs, headphones and input devices, and wireless printer adapters.

Many portable computers include an on-board Bluetooth adapter that allows the system to connect to any Bluetooth device directly from the box. For laptop or desktop systems that do not have a built-in adapter, there are many USB Bluetooth adapters.

Bluetooth-enabled PDAs provide convenient wireless synchronization and data transfer.

The headset can use Bluetooth for two purposes … audio playback and mobile phone communication. The use of a mobile headset with a Bluetooth headset is free for anyone to use and wireless.

Logitech and other manufacturers also produce input devices that eliminate wires through Bluetooth. You can add a Bluetooth mouse to your system or to a mouse and keyboard. One of the advantages is that the Bluetooth wireless keyboard / mouse combinations are standard RF wireless keyboard / mouse combinations, the range. Where most standard RF keyboard / mouse combinations have a range of up to 6 feet; The Bluetooth keyboard / mouse combination typically has a maximum of 30 feet.

Bluetooth printer adapters are extremely convenient for sharing a printer because there is no need for wires or special configurations on a typical network. Printing from a PC, PDA or mobile phone to any compatible HP printer can now be done easily in the office.

Final words

At this point, the popularity of Bluetooth is not necessarily as high as some supporters have hoped, but many devices are available to those interested. The cost and competitiveness of other standards has hindered widespread recognition, but Bluetooth is a viable solution for many devices that do not have a wireless connection.

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