BlackBerry – 8 Steps to Create and Market a Breakthrough BlackBerry Business Application

BlackBerry has been synonymous with starting a business. As an emerging market, RIM BlackBerry provides business users with a rich and diverse enterprise-centric application segment. That's why it's important to succeed in the BlackBerry App World.

Here are eight steps to help you build and market a breakthrough BlackBerry business application:

1. Heat the BlackBerry Platform: The Java-based BlackBerry platform launches a breakthrough business application. There are two SDKs available to develop applications on the platform: MIDP / CLDC and BlackBerry-specific APIs. Most BlackBerry Business Application Developers build BlackBerry-specific applications as they use a very flexible and freely downloadable BlackBerry Java Development Environment. With JDE you don't need a BlackBerry handheld as it comes with a BlackBerry device simulator and contains all the tools you need to develop, pack, test and debug applications. Here is the first important step to warming up the BlackBerry platform by downloading JDE and start creating simple applications.

2nd Improve App Approach: The BlackBerry platform may fail for the application to provide instant, modern and brilliant views. However, a dedicated development approach would disrupt the embedded wonders of the BB platform, which support the development of full-size business applications. So, develop an application concept that is unique and business-like. With BlackBerry, business is always a winning bet.

3rd Keep the UI simple and utility-oriented: As mentioned earlier, BB OS is not high on the imagination, but extremely supportive of the business factor. Intelligence is essential to make the interface easy and attractive rather than overcrowded or overcrowded. It is vital that the application is designed so that at a glance, the user understands the features and options available in the application. It is better to explain the fields, check boxes and radio buttons with short, descriptive words.

4th Test your application, get support: Although the simulator is a near perfect system, it's not the real tool. It is always better to test the application to run on an actual BlackBerry device before you start it. If it is hard to break the BlackBerry platform, you can always get help from BlackBerry Developer Programs or discover BlackBerry Developer Resources. Many third-party forums, e-books, and tutorials are available to learn how to use BlackBerry application development tones.

5th Application pricing: The next step is the cost of the application. Set your competitive price. If this is your first attempt at the BlackBerry application development and if you feel that there are similar applications, we recommend the application for free. Call Beta and measure how users get it. You can later set up affordable price tags for the updated versions of the app.

6.Digital Rights Management (DRM): How can you make sure users pay for the application? And how do we prevent users from using the application if the device is interrupted? Set up a logical and feasible yet secure DRM system to make sure that users who purchase the app will pay and access it. Also, decide whether users should pay for device failure or device replacement.

7.Add the Application: Now that you have an application with a price tag, you need to find the selling methods. The app can be sold directly through RIM BlackBerry App World or through MobiHand or Handango dealers. Make sure the app is attractive to the reseller channel or App World. Five important criteria in the sales process:

Short description of the application
Long description of the application
Application icon
Screenshots / Preview videos from the application
The trial versions of the application (this is great) are commercial value as it helps practical knowledge of the application for the user

8. Updates, Customer Service, and User Community: Everything does not go through the sales process. In fact, the success of the app is evaluated only after the first sale. Sales statistics and user feedback help you modify or update your app. As a developer, you need to provide customer support to your customers. Continuous contact with the user community through forums helps you get direct, positive feedback, which in turn helps you update your application.

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