Birth of Cell Mobile Phones

This article includes the appearance of the first portable phones outside the vehicles that people can wear and use during their daily activities.

The first mobile phone was created in 1973. the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x became the first commercially available mobile phone

The company – Motorola, the company behind the research and the possible successful establishment of its first mobile phone / was founded in 1928 and specialized in communication and electronic systems. The first real steps to implement a truly portable phone were in the 1970s, when its chief engineer, John Mitchell, headed a Martin Cooper for their car superstructure. Cooper was a real visionary and saw the need to reduce the size of the phone and make it portable to bring a person with him.

The inventor – Martin Cooper is a Motorola driver and researcher accredited by the invention of a mobile phone / mobile phone and who also became the first person to initiate a mobile phone call on April 3, 1973. This call was made to the audiences and the press audience on New York's Sixth Avenue and made it to Dr Joel Engel, head of the Bell Labs research department.

It was too hard to keep – the original Motorola DynaTAC can not be kept in place because it has more than 2 pounds. This was a question that had to be resolved and by 1983 they could reduce the phone.

Wonderful way to chat – These first mobile phones were just for those with a very deep pocket as they reached more than $ 8 and a half in modern money, which at that time was approx. 4 thousand dollars.

Battery performance, now you can hear it now – The original batteries last only 20 minutes, not only the first mobile phone users have been limited to the amount of time they can spend charging multiple times a day when they do [19659002] The 1G Network – The resulting analogue wireless and mobile telecommunications technology is now known in the 1st generation (1G) wireless communication. 2nd Generation (2G) is the introduction of digital technology into mobile telecommunication systems and recently the third generation (3G), which includes a full range of communication systems that include not only voice, but also internet access, television and video calls [19659002] Conclusion – A visionary from Martinion Cooper and a company engineer (Motorola) who is willing to support him, our entire world has changed, for all of us who use this technology the world has been smaller. This technology is available to everyone and everyone at any time and from anywhere.

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