Beyond Influence

Our business life is a series of persuasion attempts. Our success at work is often determined by the ability to think or act in the way we want. At the 1936 Dale Carnegie, how to win friends and influence people, influences books that began in 1936. Behavioral scientists are doing endless experiments to test people's reactions to various persuasion attempts. Neuroscience responds to certain stimuli by reading brain waves. And this is all valuable information.

However, if you see the truly talented influencers in action, you will notice that they go beyond others to inspire them. Instead of using external temptations to move someone, they use the basic motivations of the person – so they influence themselves to change their thoughts or behavior.

There are nine ways to inspire others here:

1. Justice / equity

We all have a sense of what is true and what is not. When we violate our sense of fairness, the answer can go from anger to anger. Expected to become a victim of unfairness, but also when it happens to others.

2. Security / Security

These are the most basic needs: shelter, well-fed and safe to live with our beloved people. The need for a sense of security and comfort penetrates all people. Global uncertainty also makes citizens of the first world countries feel safe.

3. Loss of Loss

People are more likely to move into action because they are afraid of losing something they have already done as a chance to get something new.

4. Altruism

Simply put, people want the best for those they love. In addition, we all have different degrees of built-in desire to help others, especially when needed.

5. Mastery

The desire to learn more and / or improve in an area that interests us. People show curiosity – in a wide range of areas, some in some – but we all have. As individuals discover an area where they want to be better, they use energy and commitment through their own motivation. But they disappear quickly. We all hate to miss an occasion that we would have preferred

7. Ego

Never underestimate your desire for good looks. Some of the most expensive products and procedures available are designed to improve your appearance – from fashion to cosmetic surgery. The motivation is that people are the least willing to admit; so its use requires some delicacy. Two other manifestations of this are:

• desire to take seriously. We all want to listen and feel worth paying attention to

• desire to avoid confusion

8th Debt

People are social beings and we all want to participate in the group; Egypt, at least, we don't want to be the one who missed it. Essential is the necessity of being programmed as part of basic survival techniques. Sometimes this affiliation is the stock & # 39; based (small group of friends or persons of common interest), and sometimes tribal & # 39; (larger groups such as football clubs, political parties).

9. Competitiveness

People are competitive – some are more than others. Most groups have someone they see as rivals, even if they are friendly rivalry (for example, between schools and between departments).

Determine which one is most relevant to the person you want to convince. In this context, place the influence request and become much easier. Maybe they are talking!

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