Best practice in project management: communication management

The topic of project communication management is close to my heart. In terms of best practices, communication is likely to be the main part of running successful projects. I know this was one of the best reasons why I was successful.

It is accepted that communication accounts for about 90% of the project leader. This is the reason why I always start with best practice in project communication management. Excellent communication skills are at the top of the list of requirements for a trained project manager.

What is Project Communication Management?

Theoretically, it relates to the proper production, collection, storage and dissemination of project information. Project planning needs to identify the information and communication needs of stalkers, timely dissemination of information during implementation, measurement of status and progress, and collection of information needed to complete the project during closure. How can this be applied in practice?

Should you pay special attention here …

When does best practice in project communication lead?

To be the best practice in project communication management, it must be applied on a regular, consistent basis throughout the project's life cycle, from start to finish, to planning, implementation, monitoring and closure. You have to make the point where the project becomes a routine task. It informs all stakeholders and confirms that the project is in good hands. (This is what they pay to project managers, isn't it?)

Project Communication Management in 4 Simple Steps

1. Communication management needs to be planned:

  • Who needs project information?
  • When is it needed?
  • How will the information be?
  • Who?

A document in the plan that describes information that is verbal (progress discussions, presentations), whether formal or informal. How to store and distribute information. The communication management plan is part of a complete project plan and as simple as a one-sided communication matrix for a detailed communication plan depending on the size and complexity of the project.

2. How to disseminate information?

Dissemination is about making information available to project owners in a timely manner. This is about how to store, share, and edit information (written, oral, internal, external, formal, and informal, etc.)

3. Performance Report

The performance report aims to provide owners with information to get the status, progress and forecast. It generally provides information on scope, timetable, cost and quality, as well as risk and procurement where applicable.


The administrative closure of the project is a very neglected aspect of project communication management but this is where the results of the project are reviewed and documented, the analysis of success, and where lessons learned and archived.

Determine the Project Communication Management

Following the best practice of the project communication management leads to a well-structured project and consistent performance of the project leader. By exercising this important skill you will ensure that you are on the right track for an effective project management expert.

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