Best Advertising for Dollars: Newspaper, Radio, TV or Internet? How to tell which one is the best

Every business owner is finally faced with a serious blow – how to advertise which media, and which is the best deal for each dollar spent.

Are newspaper advertisements depleting radio spots – or television power is the only way? And what about the high-tech world? The answer is different for every business, every situation, location, and product.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of each media. Knowing these can help you decide which medium is suitable for advertising your product.



* Quickly. An advertisement in a magazine can last for three months. Announcement can take place the next day. If you need fast business, that's great.

* The newspapers have broad editorial themes to match advertising. For example, if you sell car parts, you can place your ad in the automotive industry or place news about cars. The newspapers include international news, local news, etc. They help to focus on advertising efforts.

* You will get plenty of space if you need it. Keep in mind that a long copy always sells the short copy more.

* Newspapers can include the catalog, leaflet or any other preprinted material.

* You can use them to read items such as coupons, tournament entries, surveys, and other similar things.

* Advertising of the radio is sometimes referred to as "invisible paint". This is because it disappears as it radiates. With the help of the newspapers, customers can get something or something they see for a second if they read the newspaper a second time.

* Newspapers can get people with high traffic, from the traffic. For example, lage city daily newspapers can easily reach 1 or 2 million potential buyers overnight.

* Available at national, regional or local level.

* Newspapers allow you to reach potential non-readers, target audience

* Depending on variety, it is much cheaper than other media.

* It is easier to produce newspaper ads, and thus less costly. For example, television ads include special effects, actors, videos, and so on. Required.

* Newspapers are good repetitive exposure, which is an important element of effective advertising. Readers should see something six to eight times on average before they "see" an ad or answer it.

* Newspapers can reach people who otherwise have little access to other media. for news, but to find out what's on the market today or what is happening today.

* There are more options for space and unusual ad configurations

* You can use a list of dealers

. Bad:

* Newspapers generally pay relatively high-cost charges like full-scale purchases.

* Smooth and literally. In other words, they will not blink, blur, blur, and dampen colorful motion pictures such as radio and television or a web page.

* Do not reach other media formats, such as national magazines. * Does not Contribute to Last Changes Due to Strict Printing Schedules

* Newspapers do not produce a high level of frequency like other media formats

* Large spatial ads are very expensive and have a long lifespan [19659003] * In the newspapers ads compete vigorously with the other ads in this page. Confusion is not good at your ad, but there's a lot of mess in a newspaper.

* Color usage is mocking and does not match the color quality of a magazine.

* Only an adult audience. If there are products aimed at teenagers or college students, the newspaper is unlikely to reach these people.

* The newspapers are usually viewed by a single person at a time


] Good:

* The radio offers a wide range of formats that can access students in certain hearing instruments a given ad message. Many listen to the radio while working and working, while others are listening to the evening while staying at a cozy fire.

* Sends your message to the room or the car.

* Fast. The ad will be audible the following day when production is available, a copy of the ad is written and the studio time is available.

* Radio ads are intrusive – you're hesitant to hear and the only option is to listen or change it (19659003) * Tap on a national, regional or local audience.

* Effectively targeting consumer segments, such as teenagers and the elderly, men and women. [19659003] * You can often repeat it, listening to the message.

* Wireless ads can be heard 24 hours a day.

* Radio reaches people as they get to the store. Messages sent before the actual purchase are very strong.

* Announcing your ads is cheaper than television or printing, and in fact, perhaps all media is more cost-effective.

* mind. "The radio uses sound and sound effects to recall imaginary minds with human imagination, which can be much stronger than any pre-made TV image or photo

* Has met people who do not like read a newspaper or magazine, or people who do not consider outdoor media such as billboards and those who are not like TVs or computers.


* Most people have a radio for "noise"

* Repetition is more important in the name of the student to overcome the general disregard, so it takes more time to spend more space that can lower the cost.

* Facilitates students' physical action due to the advertising message. For example, most students do not have with a pen in his hand when he calls an 800 number or a memorial reminder address.

* You usually need more pre-financing to buy the large number of stains you need for work.

* Not visual, and many people keep the better they see than they hear. It also does not move, but is another aspect of accepting vital attention. Good:

* Generally, it is vibrant, exciting color, and color is one of the main motivators of the human mind.

* All elements of sight, sound, and motion are used simultaneously to create a huge packet that conflicts with all levels of human emotions (except tact and smell)

* Allows message at the same time for all people able to deliver.

* Fast, but not as fast as the newspaper or radio, because it requires more productions.

* Like the radio, it's intrusive. The buyer does not have to look for the ad as it should also find a movie list or a rummage sale.

* Country, regionally or locally available

* Television ads can be purchased to focus on concentrated geographic areas, especially with the appearance of cable

* There are many different types of programming to suit the nature or subject of the ad. Want to sell rock-n-roll CDs? Buy ads on Grammy Awards or American Idol. Want to sell women's hygiene products? Take Time in Soap Operations

* TV is much more accessible than any other medium in all segments of society. Everyone is watching TV, but not everybody is reading newspapers or magazines.

* Good for replaying ads.

* Television can display your ad 24 hours a day at any time of the day. Exclusive, that is, your ad does not have to compete with the turmoil of other ads – but you may have to pay it dearly.

* The more cost-effective the number of responses produced by the invested dollar.

* Probably the most appropriate way to achieve those who do not use any other medium.


* Most commonly worn out. commerce can blast deep in many other shops that have long led to the viewer towards the fridge. It also weakens the product's long-term memory.

* Sometimes it is difficult to reach. There are usually a limited number of TV spots and you can not get the program you want.

* Maybe the most expensive. A lot of production costs associated with television advertising

* It may be less demographic than selective than other media formats, although it has helped cable TV in this category.

* The audience may vary greatly. If 10,000 people see your ad for one night, then only 100 may be the next when a program of great interest broadcasts on another channel.

* Television is cost effective if you are on highly targeted target markets. VCRs help TV ads go beyond the "invisible ink" problem in the media. A ribbon program can be viewed again and again – on the other hand, your ads can be quickly forwarded


* Magazines offer a wide range of subjects with financial and editorial focus to reach readers if you have a state of mind you are looking for. This way, you can customize the message to a high specification.

* The journals have bright, polished papers, so color photographs and other graphic elements may look like artwork. Your ad will look great. (This does not mean that you will sell it!)

* You can reach very specific target markets without wasting time or money on markets you do not care about.

* Like the newspaper,. Full or even more than one page allows you to create a long and detailed track. Do people really read this fine print? Yes!

* Includes a catalog, a card, a flyer or anything in the magazine

* Like newspapers, they allow reader's response materials, such as coupons, entry or order forms, and much more.

* The ink will not disappear. In fact, magazines are even better than numbers than newspapers, because people have to read a lot more or have to go through the magazine for the second time. Many are still collecting journals or scanning them for research in the library so they can give their data

* You can reach a huge audience, easily millions of major magazines.

* Magazines allow a breathtaking set of creative options: pop-ups, special paints, holograms, unusual space configurations, personalized items for every reader of the publication,

* National, regional, and local availability

* Magazine ads can reach demographic segments within the entire readers of the magazine. This is because most magazines have topics or topics that contain specific topics or topics and help you target your customers.

* Magazine ads can reach potential non-readers who may possibly be part of an advertiser's secondary target audience. as in radios, they may actually be more cost-effective than any other media format.

* Exposure frequency is very high, as we said because magazines are repeatedly read several times and read more than one person. In addition, you can read other similar magazines targeted for your ads.

* You can affect people who are not in other media. Many people read magazines in the newspapers.

* Magazines can put their list.


* One of the biggest drawbacks before advertising is long time and when it appears. The magazine's ad can expire three or four months before it appears. If you need fast cash and clients, this does not help. Additionally, the reader can not access his magazine when he receives it.

* It is considered cost-effective at the same time.

* Do not give voice to the motion, though some high-end ads, such as pop-ups or microprocessor-based interventions, disrupt this disadvantage.

* Because they are much more focused, they are less accessible and many do not consider it as disadvantageous.

* You must submit the final copy and the ad several months before the deadline. Some magazines are closing quickly and others are calling for recurring advertisers to deal at the last minute, often because they have their place filled or when others return at the last minute.

* Although you can not retire when you start printing. Generally, if you buy a magazine ad, you'll close at any time. Refunds are rare.

* You will not get high frequencies unless you buy a whole year, but readers will see most magazines once a month.

* It's only exposed to one person at a time, as opposed to a whole room or car, like on a radio or TV. GOOD:

* Get high-quality color on high quality paper for effective product presentation if you are willing to pay for the top dollar.

* Great for insertions. You know how it is on every Sunday paper and magazine – with many extras that many readers really buy the publication. Many people live in scanning and ticking coupons.

* There is plenty of chance for a long copy. Sunday Magazines are the best place to make long, detailed pics.

* As we said, people like to break the coupons and this is where most people use from any special insertion from coupons to lottery, contests or surveys

* Have a better chance of repeating the ad like newspapers or magazines. People tend to stay on Sunday paper longer and read it better because they are loose and there is more time for Sunday to pass over the paper.

* You can reach a large number of people in a short time. ] * Magazines can be very creative. This means pop-ups, special inks, scratching and sniffing – even inserting the product samples.

* Share your ad for potential non-readers who might be part of a secondary target audience of an advertiser. high readership and better replication factor can be a good business for a tight advertising dollar

* Advertising production costs will be lower than all other media except the newspaper.

* You can reach people who do not usually read a newspaper or watch other media. Many people think Sunday's priest is "special".

* Directly to the entire audience – up to millions of people – in just one day

* may have national, regional or local distribution, though national as the New York Times

* Sunday publications have higher penetration rates and higher readership is present locally as competing publications or other media.

* You can use merchant lists.


* Ads do not force the reader like on the radio or on TV. In other words, they are not intrusive

* No sound or movement in general.

* Generally, good advertising material is required before the release date. Some even have longer release times than magazines.

* It is relatively inflexible to change at the last minute. Most Sunday advertisements are made blue after you've issued your check. You will not get a refund.

* Frequency is missing, because they only go out on Sunday, and most people are not contacting one Sunday to another.

* Very expensive if

* Large spatial ads are very expensive and they are here today and they are mostly gone tomorrow.

* They are relatively short-lived or packed in fish

* It's not good to send ad messages to teenagers, young adults and children.

* Most often, only one person displays the ad at a time, unlike radio or television. send a message to a room man at the same time.



* The Internet is a global community of computers that allows the exchange of information, images and sounds.

* Vivid, exciting color, and color is one of the main motivators of the human mind. [19659003] * Fast. You Can Get Amazing Success When Your Website Generates Traffic

* Available Countrywide, Regionally, Locally and Internationally

* The ALTERNATIVE sales form that has many strengths and weaknesses

* Can Be Made or low cost, and the level of playground.

* A wide range of creative options: popups, popups, audio, video, personalization, and more. The list goes on and on

The Bad:

* The learning curve can be long. It takes time before you really understand what you're doing.

* No paste.

* No social relationship. You work alone

* Ezine ads, classified ads, top ads, and solo ads can be costly.

* The error rate is high.

* Getting online income is not difficult – but it may be confusing if you do not manage your time and money, have a consistent plan, and stick to avoiding the evasion.

There it is. By now you have to be in a better position to decide which medium is best for your business, product or service.

Of course, the only perfect solution for test marketing in all media. You can do this by launching small, cheap ads on all media. Those who have the best results deserve to get to your future business and the bulk of the advertising dollar.

Good luck!

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