Best 10 best metal and hard rock CDs from the 80s

It was the best times … this was the worst time … of course we're talking about 80's music. Nothing beats heavy metals, hard rocks and hairs in the 80s. Here is the list of the top 10 best metal / hard rock CDs (of course, most bought from vinyl):

10. Twisted Sister – Stay Hungry: The twisted nurse brought an entirely new generation of hymns to the rock. Their videos cracked and their music got the adrenaline pumping. Surely they seemed cool enough in tensioning gear and makeup, but they knew how to write the songs. We will not take it away, and I was Wanna Rock's parents everywhere shaking their boots. Burn in Hell was even featured in Pee Wee Big Adventure in a memorable scene. They also reached us with The Price price ballad.

ninth Poison – Look at what the cat is like? What the hell are they doing on this list? I don't know about you, but my friends and I were the biggest parties, and this CD always played. It was a whole party band recorded in this release. Songs like I wanted to act, talk to me dirty, and see how the cat was drawn, perfect for drinking and picking up girls. They are still on a hike and come with some 80 metal. The shows are always fun, though I can do it without the CC Deville guitar solos. When she wore a lot of makeup and shakes her hair, she won't take it seriously as a guitarist.

8th Virgin Steele – Noble Savage: Dave Defeiss gives you a separate voice that you think is very good or really annoying. This release contains lots of catchy songs, and even the keyboards sound good. Songs like we are at night, Fire and Noble Savage still stand up today. The band is still around, although I do not recommend new things that came about after the marriage of Heaven and Hell.

7th AC / DC – Back to Black: The songs in this publication have been so overridden that we almost put it on the list. But this is one of the biggest hard rock CDs. Angus Young has more energy than a 5-year-old sugar high. Thanks to his guitar playing, the bands had a nice touch while his brother held back the tight rhythm. Brian Johnson always sounded like the chords of the vocals were crushed, which was in fact like songs like Hells Bells, Shoot to Thrill, Back in Black and Rock and Roll. Of course, we can not forget that it shook the whole night. All classic.

6th Teeze – S / T: What? Have you ever heard of this band? One of the best independent albums was released, then signed with a big label, changed their name to Roughhouse and released one crappiest CD. If you go to you will add the self-labeled CD listed here. He will not bother with songs like Party Hardy, Midnight Madness, when the Moon is full and goes away.

5th Iron Maiden – the beast's number: "I'm not number … I'm a free man!" The band still sounds wonderful and is still in great live music shows. And there are still three tracks from this release – the Beast of the Beast (with the introduction of the classic Vincent Price), Run to the Mountains, and the sanctified Be your name. Bruce Dickinson took the song of Paul Di anno and took the band to the next level. It gave a melodic sound that matched the distinctive guitar and bass sounds.

4th Motley Crue – shouting at the devil: I've been wearing my Too Fast for Love when I shouted in the devil. When I saw the videos for Looks, Kill, I blown away. It looked like a lot of big bad asses. They have grown bigger than their life with the story of sex, drugs and rock-roll, and this CD is perfectly recorded. After Vince got out of jail from the accident that killed Razzle, there was no longer the same sound. Some catchy songs have been released, but I don't think they've ever released another CD where all the songs are memorable.

3rd Metallica – Ride the Lightning: Metallica knew how to write kick ass songs in the 80s. They followed Kill and Ride the Lightning and raised their voice to the next level. Song writing was better, and the production really helped to grab their guitar and Hetfield's strong voice. These were serious headbeats – the Fire in the Fire, with the chimes, trapped under the ice, and the creepy death still stopping today. I could do it without calling Ktulu, but this is just a minor complaint. If you ever want to get adrenaline, put this CD in and put the Stereo 11.

2. TT Quick – Honor Metal: Not only are all these songs memorable in this publication, but the production is amazing. With such songs as Metal of Honor, Sin of Child, and Come Beat the Band, this band had so much potential. The release was not supported properly, and the band never reached the level it should have. Since then, some CDs have been released and live shows are playing from time to time.

first Guns and Roses – Appetite for Destruction: Let me start by not listening to this CD. He surpassed the radio and MTV (when MTV played music). But when it came out, I didn't know enough. The big talk of Axl's voice spoke a song like So Easy and Mr. Brownstone, or Welcome to Jungle and Nightrain. It doesn't matter, because every song was wonderful. And it took about a year for this CD to be huge, so we could see the band in a 1000 locations. They made a great live performance and continued on time. It's a pity they just couldn't get out of the stage.

Reverend Theories:

WASP – S / T

TKO – I Want to Fight

Killer Dwarfs – Big Business

Tesla – Mechanical Resonance

Yngwie Malmsteen Rising Force – marching Off

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