Be a good leader with conviction and influence

There is a direct link between leadership, persuasion and influence. In order to become a good leader, we must overcome the art of persuasion and influence. So you can get the trust and loyalty of people around you. First, I try to explain the concept of persuasion and influence.

Confirmation occurs when a person deliberately or subliminally attempts to agree with another person. This is intentional and requires effort. On the other hand, the influence occurs when someone agrees with you, not because you intentionally pursue your side, but because it trusts you and trusts you or in your opinion and opinion. This has an impact on people and because of your reputation. If you want to be a good leader, you both have to win the conviction and the influence.

No matter if you are at a junior, middle or senior level, you can really use your skills with persuasion and influence to gain loyalty and respect. One of my favorite, convincing driving strategies is to always deal with "why?" Question. Natural human behavior to ask this question every time someone asks them to do something (one must understand why "why" is not always so obvious in the workplace).

The leader, who wants to establish himself with the power of conviction and influence, is always ready to share his logic behind the demands he has formulated. This way, the people around you feel they are counting and recognizing their intellectual abilities and understanding. Nothing disrupts employees and colleagues as well as needs and requests that have no meaning for them. This is by no means under your authority, but employees feel that they are part of the process. If you're dealing with "why," the employee may even come up with his / her own consent as to how he / she might think he / she must comply with the request. So he kills two kids with a stone, as the employee takes the task with enthusiasm because he does not feel like a slave – but rather an important part of the outcome.

To be an effective leader, not only does it have to be good to convince people, at least they must have enough charisma to be influenced without much effort. The key to good management is to be people who like to listen and follow (sometimes without question or without hesitation). You want to drive without having to force others to follow. If there is good persuasion and influence, there will be no problem in the order.

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