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Audiovox is an electronics company. They work under the brand names Audiovox, Jensen and Advent. Audiovox products include car audio, home audio and home electronics. On 1 November 2004, Audiovox sold Audiovox's mobile subsidiary Audiovox Communications Corp to UTStarcom.

Audiovox Corporation is a major supplier of wireless communications products, mobile entertainment, security products and consumer electronics products. It is a leader in wireless products and is the industry leader in mobile video products. Through its subsidiaries, Audiovox Communications Corp. and Audiovox Electronics Corp. Through its subsidiaries, the company's products are sold to wireless service providers and their agents, retail partners, distributors, OEMs and US soldiers . The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ with the VOXX symbol.

Audiovox mobile phones are today's most exciting wireless devices! The company offers Audiovox mobile phones for everyone; a business manager who needs immediate access to the Internet, an on-the-go teenager who needs to contact his mom and dad. With state-of-the-art technology and the most user-friendly features, you can be sure to find the Audiovox mobile phone that best suits your lifestyle.

There are five classes of Wireless Audiovox mobile phones (plus accessory):

Analogue – Signal transmission method that continuously changes the amplitude or frequency of radio transmission to transmit information

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) – GSM uses narrowband TDMAs that allow eight simultaneous calls on the same radio frequency. In addition to CDMA and TDMA, the second generation of wireless networks.

CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) – The CDMA allocates all the texts to the code, the encoded speech sends encoded transmission to the air, and the speech is re-coupled to its original form at the other end.

TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) wireless communication that allows a large number of users to access a single radio channel without interference. Each user has a unique time slot within each channel

PCS (Personal Communications Service) – Second generation digital voice, messaging and data communication system in the 2GHz range. PCS is mostly supported by GSM. PCS use different radio frequencies (1.9GHz band) than mobile phones, and generally use all digital technology for transmission and reception.

Audiovox mobile phones have many features such as integrated digital cameras, color display, PDA features, and more. Audiovox mobile phones also have many accessories. With accessories from the Audiovox mobile phone, you can get more access to the world around you and have fun.

Offers a full range of Audiovox including Audiovox mobile phones, hands-free car kits (in some areas, the law requires its use while driving a mobile phone), desktop speakers, Audiovox mobile phone antennas and antenna amplifiers, cases. Spare parts or replacement batteries for Audiovox mobile phones and keyboards

Other accessories for the Audiovox mobile phone: USB data cables and connection kits. The headset's earpiece keeps your hand like the rest of it, such as driving, working on a keyboard, or even holding a dinner. Headphones and microphone are great for those who do not like loudspeakers. The cases and bags keep the Audiovox mobile phone safe. Some Audiovox mobile phones are also waterproof.

The Audiovox mobile phone has many front panels. Downloadable ringtones, graphic wallpapers, screensavers, and more. A great collection of jazzing up your Audiovox mobile phone. You can get an MP3 player for your Audiovox mobile phone for quick chargers; they also have a dual battery charger so you can charge a spare battery as well as the primary battery.

Sleep or belt clip for the Audiovox mobile phone is a useful alternative to your pocket or wallet when you're out. Audiovox has a whole range of mobile phones to choose from, some of which are the prepaid Audiovox mobile phone that helps avoid over-telephony calling plans. Mobile phone joystick game, FM stereo headphone and AC / DC wall adapter for a car charger; each accessory is designed to make the Audiovox mobile phone more useful and tailor-made to your needs.

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