Article Marketing System: A three-step strategy for your blog

Article marketing system to increase SEO on your blog …

Does it really work? In fact, it depends on what system you use when answering the question "the article's marketing work?" Some say it does not work, but when I've outlined the article's marketing system, we'll see that it really works to create a real online marketing success to create free online leads!

Marketing of articles and blog posts was the only source of leads for more than a year, and yes, I'm looking for a lot of online marketing! So if you like writing, you love the marketing system of my new article so you can earn money!

first Step 6: Determine what you write …

So it begins with the definition of the target market. For example, if you sell a health and wellness product, you want to write things that draw attention to someone's interest in health. For example, "How I Reduced Cholesterol With These Three Easy Steps".

Make sure you choose the target market …

The best in this scenario is to tell the story with your personal information and acquaintance who is fighting combat cholesterol. The more personal issues and experiments you get in your story, the better. People love to hear the difficulties of other people! Make sure you do not mention the product in this article; only concern the emotional barriers that lead to the use of awesome product!

2nd Step 6: Determine your keyword phrase …

Now that you've determined your target market and have a clear idea of ​​what you want to write, begin the definition of the keyword section. You can find this free site on the video link on this article. On this site, simply enter the term you want to write. Here's how many search phases appear on Google every month, and whether you have a low, medium, or high ending.

If you use the free article marketing system you are using, you would like to choose a term with multiple keywords that will result in 100-2000 searches per month with low competition. Problems with an expression? Simply enter the subject you want to write about and the system will inform you about what you are looking for in the subject.

3rd Step 1: Use linking strategy to your blog market …

As mentioned above, you would like to refer to the official authority pages to increase SEO. Google has two roles: relevance and popularity. Use of keywords through the article is relevant; Linking to major authority sites makes it popular.

So, link your articles to article directories on your blog and YouTube, increasing your popularity. Then, link to your YouTube post and lead capture page in your blog post.

Want to make sure not to show too promotional items because directories do not support promotional items. With this "article marketing system", from time to time, when your blog comes into the market, your blog links go to the top of Google.

Whether you want article marketing to promote a blog to promote other products or not, you can be sure that the article's success is following the instructions in this article's marketing system.

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