Are your communication skills harassing your career? – Part 1

We Did not Speak

Yes, you were right. Do not talk and listen to the conversation. Most people are very bad students and worse, they continually interrupt the other person. Since everyone is enjoying the conversation, it takes a real effort to break these very bad habits. But that's the only way to be a successful communicator. The good rule is to let 75% of the other person speak and only 25%.

The Power of Hearing

The reason why silence is so strong because it builds trust. The more you listen to another person, the more you trust and believe in. Listening also builds on the self-esteem of another person. When another person is listening attentively, he really tells them that they are so important they do not say a thing until they are done. People are looking for because they will be very comfortable at your presence. The more you search for, the more you get, and you will be surprised how fast your career progresses.

Ask for Clarification

If you are not 100% sure what the person says, never find or assume it. Ask for clarification, because if you do not, you're talking inside the circle. Then the other person leaves the conversation: "He will not get it." They never say, "Good, I'm a nasty communicator and I did not explain it to him"; they always say, "He will not get it." I know it's unjust, but that's what happens …

The most effective method I've ever learned to get more information is to ask, "What do you mean?" It is a mild and polite question that it is impossible to answer. The other person can not stop himself, or himself, to respond more broadly. Then you can follow other questions and have a very productive conversation

Use Open Questions

Avoid questions that are simple "yes" or "no" answers. Open questions encourage the speaker to expand his thoughts and comments. And one question leads to another. By answering open questions, you can choose from the other person what you need to say on a particular topic. You will have all the information you need to provide a smart answer.

Pause Before Answering

This is a key strategy used by the best verbal communicators. The short 3 to 5 second pause just needs to be done. When you pause, you do four things. First of all, do not stop the man saying more. Secondly, he gives respect, carefully thinking about what the person said. Third, the person you say will sink into your mind and your answer will be more accurate than if you just cried. Last but not least, you will meet as a very thoughtful and intelligent person.

I'm telling you now that the pause is the hardest to learn. Though it's only three or five seconds, it feels like more than three or five minutes. First, it is very uncomfortable. Try a little experiment: start observing the leaders and respectable leaders of the organization. You will see that you always use this strategy. This works for them, and that will work for you too.

Body language

If you talk to someone, always keep in touch. Do not scratch the room and look for others. This is rough. Do not look down at the conference table, the floor, or the person's past. This shows the lack of self-confidence. Never look for your arms or hang in your chair as if you were a personal Barcalounger. Bring yourself in a relaxed, but professional way. If comfortable, the other person can feel comfortable.

Ask someone (who you think has a very professional style) to criticize your body language as soon as you read the article. I'm not kidding. This is one of those silent career killers that no one will tell you because it's embarrassing.

Use these strategies all the time

Do not use these strategies for meetings, people's level. Always use them. This can quickly break old bad habits and do not completely translate verbal communication skills at all.

But the most important reason is that when you use these techniques, you pay great respect and consider who you turn to. And everyone deserves to receive this, regardless of whether they are the CEO or the homeowner. That's the right thing.

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