Are you liquid in body language?

Why it is, no matter how many times I talked to the new recruitment department, my mind starts playing tricks on me. I remember everything they need to know, my arms begin to take over and why your mouth is so dry!

The knowledge that my first impression of these recruits should be good is my first weapon against fear. Like any animal, if they detect weakness, they are usually exploited.

Fortunately, I gave the tricks from my dad, a standing comic. Now there was a work that made a good first impression! Not only should I send the right body language, but it is imperative to read the language of my audience, in which case 12 recruits will enter their new career as firearms officers!

So the ritual of my appearance, smart uniform, clean haircut and straight back! As I enter the bedroom, twelve pairs of eyes form me, watching all my moves. A bright, good morning and greeting begins with the rolling of the ball, besides the answer, I find a call, except when sitting in the back seat. . The PlayStation Warrior! "Listen to the mate" classic signs, teach me what to do, I'm here to get my ticket before I start Dredd, clearing the streets & # 39; attitude.

The first impressions, the PlayStation Warrior played in my hand, were obvious that the others were willing to adsorb my data, the real test was to turn the warrior on & # 39; active thinking battle!

I'm not a reader now, if I wasn't a problem communicating with missus, I didn't buy the bad fragrance anymore, or I went to the wrong restaurant!

What I am a good body language reader, I had no time to examine the signs that helped me react faster than villains (bank executives, real estate agents and armed robbers!)! The careful consideration of these events has shown that in most cases my body was the one that helped control the situation.

Reading non-verbal communication was part of my basic training, looking for the usual signs of upcoming aggression, clenched fists, target focusing, fighting arms and big knife! What was not part of my training was to control these situations only in the language of my body.

This ability has worked well in my daily life when you think that every time you meet someone, you participate in a kind of negotiation. In how many cases have we lost these negotiations. Knowing how to avoid these negative situations would certainly have helped me.

When I started to go into the black art of body language, the various aspects in which I could use the skills are countless.

Taking into account the visible signs from the girl from admin, prevented one of my lines from using the embarrassment: "My head is running with you while running around him!" The impact of my appearance on my enrollment and, more importantly, my boss when the Annual Special Priority Payment was negotiated.

So, if you want to keep any useful information out of it, feel free to talk to & # 39; Body Language & # 39;

Next time I will talk about how to avoid the big woman's attention from the shops!

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