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A few months ago, Apple released the iPhone 6S, and if you do not know Apple's practice, you may be confused about the new iPhone because it is the same as the iPhone 6, but are not afraid that they are not the same. At least inside.

Better hardware, better camera, stronger case, new 3D Touch and (finally) 2 GB RAM. Over the years, & quot; S & # 39; I always bought something new for the disc, iPhone 4S added Siri, and iPhone 5S added the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The main addition to the iPhone 6 is definitely the new pressure-sensitive touch screen technology called 3D Touch, but it is still very scary and will certainly be more interesting if more applications are released.

Overall, Apple's task is to convince people that the iPhone 6 S version is worth the upgrade, even if you can choose from many other smartphones, and unfortunately the iPhone 6S doesn't seem to be a game changer. they have a lot of potential for future updates or installations.


At first glance, the iPhone 6S is the same as the iPhone 6, with the same rounded corners and edges, but with minor changes.

The front of the phone is now stronger, the glass is less likely to fall off the phone, and finally the iPhone 6S is made of 7000 series aluminum.

As mentioned earlier, these changes are smaller and most are probably unnoticed. The volume buttons, the muffler switch, and the power button are in the same place as last year, and it's not a bad thing, because the phone is easy to handle with one hand and the buttons are exactly where you need it.

The iPhone 6S is compatible with iPhone 6 cases.


The iPhone 6S has the same display as the iPhone 6, which has a 4.7-inch LED backlit IPS LCD with 1334x750p resolution, 16 million colors and a pixel resolution of 326pp density.

Although the iPhone 6S still provides a great viewing experience, it is crisp and clear with deep black, bright white and very accurate colors.

While the resolution remains the same, there is a large part of the previous year's flagship. Now it introduces 3D Touch, a completely new way to interact with the iPhone.

This opens up completely new opportunities. Now you can only open pop-ups, launch or expand quick steps, preview and display messages, and do a lot in the future.


The iPhone 6S has better hardware than the iPhone 6, the Apple A9 chipset, the 1.84 GHz dual-core Typhoon CPU, the six-core PowerVR GT7600 GPU, 2 GB RAM, and still, no card slot.

This is a smoother, multi-tasking task, better handling of graphically demanding tasks (like the game), no stuttering, no dropped frames, and the phone was never there when we were using it.

But there are shortcomings. Apple has decided to hold a 16 GB base memory for the iPhone 6S, and since there is no microSD slot, the 16 GB charge will not happen.


iOS has always been the backbone of the iPhone and the new installation, iOS 9 offers the same stability and user-friendliness as we used to, and thanks to its minority. For years and new 3D touch iOS 9 is the best iPhone software.

As always, iOS is fast and sensitive, the App Store is still lively (and better quality than the Google Play Store), and applications have suffered some transformation and upgrades.

Apple Maps now have transfer directions, there is a news application that is thorough enough and draws themes from various sources on the magazine-style interface. The notifications are now filtered by time, not with the application, and thanks to the M9 processor, Siri is always on standby and can now track the shouting of Hey Siri. Siri can respond to multiple commands.

3D Touch is its main feature and, despite its childhood, is the best in Apple Mail. Preview, view, archive, or unread your messages.

Battery Life

The iPhone 6S has a non-replaceable 1715 mAh battery. Yes, you heard that you are right, the battery is actually smaller, the iPhone 6 1810mAh restoration.

There have been complaints about the battery of the iPhone 6 and yes, Apple is not quite dealing with this issue. Either way, the average battery life was between 15 and 16 o'clock, and a lot of people have to charge their iPhone 6S in the middle of the afternoon.

I don't like not being understood, the reason is 3D Touch. The battery did not have enough space and wanted to keep the same plan as the iPhone 6. There are still many smartphones that are 4000mAh and battery life is usually an important factor for customers.


The iPhone 6S is a great phone? Yes, this is the one. It has unique features and promises for future updates. Is it worth developing the iPhone 5S? IPhone 5S users are the main goal, the iPhone 6S is forward looking in every respect (right camera, larger screen, better display, more power, more stable).

But can Apple convince iPhone 6 users to upgrade to 6S? Maybe. Now, the iPhone 6S doesn't offer something revolutionary and is very close to the iPhone 6, but it's worth tasting these early details (like the 3D Touch) before everyone spreads out. And if you want to switch from Android or Windows, or just wondering if iOS 6S is the best choice.

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