Android Essential Apps for Connected Society

The android operating system for many people has many different things, and the Android market is now so powerful that it can intimidate the way. No more than you are looking for the basic applications without which your life is obviously falling apart!

Android phones are very popular today. It is so popular that in August 2010 it was announced that Google is activating 200,000 android devices every day. Astonishing! Android's revenue stream for Google is not very surprising (or malicious if Steve Jobs).

There are thousands of applications to choose from, and while the default Google apps come in handy, there are some really revolutionary apps on the android market, some of which will be curious about ever being successful! Here is a very quick look at some of the more useful ones.

– Google Maps and Navigation: Do you need to find your way to an important meeting quickly? This Android app makes the cinch. Simply press the microphone icon on the screen and tell where you want to go. After a few seconds you will be on the road and read the directions. This is the next generation navigation application.

– Dolphin Browser HD: Don't be fooled, Android's default browser is perfect, but if you try another browser on your phone, the Dolphin browser has some features that improve your browsing experience. You can prevent ads, send articles to "read later", and many other little time-saving features that make this browser worth checking out.

– Astrid: How Do You Remember These Days? If something is like mine, you need help! This small application is a simple business manager that is very easy to use, allows you to make detailed comments and reminders, and most importantly, or the most annoying, simply does not stop reminding you until you complete these basic tasks. You feel a bit like chewing all the time, but do you really want to do these things or not?

I found these three Android applications very useful, but there is a whole world and you need to find the application you need on the market. Just try not to lose it!

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