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The idea of ​​installing music, cameras, and phones has become popular in the mobile market and in the industry, so it is inevitable that mobile phone manufacturers will create devices that best meet consumers' needs and preferences. This time, Orange has acquired the recipe and the best dish to fit the consumer's thirst for a huge package of fully charged mobile phones since the rise of orange Rome, with the constraints of budget constraints and affordability.

Pointing at the budget energy consumer, Orange Rome is an excellent phone with modern features. With an extremely low price tag, this handset is still in a wonderful atmosphere and is a great mobile phone that offers any function. Virtual 46 x 108 x 13 mm The phone's legs are firmly gripped and have a weight of 80 grams.

The mobile phone has a 2 megapixel camera that can only capture unforgettable cases when they happen, which can be very worth knowing that you no longer need to create a separate digital camera. Video recording is another option available in this great mobile phone, ideal for capturing memorable copies not only on photos, but also on videos.

Rome also offers music entertainment that you can enjoy at any time, anytime. You can listen to your music collection anytime, anywhere, with an FM radio receiver, if you need to listen to the news program on the go. The incremental bonus would be the game that remains busy in tedious times. Once you have finished your consolidated games, you can download arcade games in addition to online games.

Various connectivity options are available. The mobile phone is synchronized with the computer via a USB cable, or you can copy images or other data points to other mobile devices wirelessly via Bluetooth. You don't have to worry about storing memory capacity using the microSD card.

Like other mobile phones, SMS and MMS messaging are also available. This handset uses predictive text technology to make it easier to compose and send faster. Sending and receiving emails is never impossible with the device. As a legitimate mobile device, it also offers user applications such as event planners, meeting followers, etc. Last but not least, battery life is great, approx. 240 hours standby time and 5 hours talk time.

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