AirPlay The Best iPod Shuffle FM Transmitter

AirPlay is an iPod Shuffle FM transmitter – the first device that lets you stream music from your iPod to your car radio. It may be a wonderful decision to play your iPod through your car stereo, especially if you don't have a cassette recorder or an extra input connector. AirPlay fits perfectly with your iPod: just plug in, tune in and enjoy music.

The device has a very simple backlit screen. After playing Shuffle, AirPlay will simultaneously play the last selected frequency position. The method of selecting the new frequency is simple: find the free FM frequency on the radio (unused) and then use the controls to select the same frequency on AirPlay.

Power supply is provided by a special adapter. Usually it goes into a car lighter or electrical outlet. Otherwise, when the iPod is connected to the iPod Shuffle FM transmitter, the battery is charged and it doesn't matter if it is in AirPlay playback or standby mode.
There are so many features in this little device that you can only surprise. Here are the most important ones.

first Possibility to connect iPod to vehicle audio system.
2. The radio frequency is between 88 and 107 FM.
3. Easily fit the usability standard.
4. Fully Charging the iPod Battery.
5. No software is required.
6. Frequency Presets.
7. Fine tuning capabilities and a great screen.

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