Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

It is a fact that if a cell phone has a day, it is a necessity and an inevitable truth is that the mobile industry takes everyone in a storm. The very basic thing is to make a call to text messages, and you will now get a fingerprint for internet access. Do you have this? or do you know someone who likes such things? There is one such thing, and I do not deny the fact that I will enjoy them. So, as a million subscribers to technology, I will share some of the advantages and disadvantages I found and not a mobile phone.

First, there are some benefits we have:

Keeps in touch with people you care about

In urgent cases, you can help with help

He thinks he's emerging financially.

You can reduce your annoyance through mobile phones, such as listening to your favorite music and downloading movies.

Take photos

Mobile phones also make it easier to access the Internet

Anywhere you can carry it

It has many useful features like calendar, notes, alarm clock, timer and calculator.

Undoubtedly, our mobile phone makes life more comfortable, but as the saying goes to all technologies, the equal negative side and mobile phones are not so special to release. Here are some disadvantages of this:

is expensive

People spend less time with their family and friends

People only come into contact with the phone and become too lazy to meet

Disrupts our work and our studies

People spend a lot of money on buying the latest model

It touches our bodies for radiation

It's easily broken

Mobile phone facilitates privacy

Finally, I hope you can consider the benefits and disadvantages I have mentioned to help you use your mobile phone responsibly.

We are people who have made mobile phones phones, and we are all above you to be careful and properly used or not.

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