5 killer tips for creating an online personal training web site

In the past, I personally completed full graphic design and encoded twelve of my own websites. Local community graphic web designers have also created two additional sites. Now, however, I outsource all of this time-consuming work to Pakistan, India, or some other very cheap technology sector-based geographic area. I am entirely talking about outsourcing of this kind in Chapter 5 of the "Train in Top Dollar".

So how did I use my websites?

Anyone using your site generally has free web templates. This means you can download the template to your computer, or use a web editing program that is typically available at your web host and does most of the work for you. My books are for a number of reasons, especially when creating a simple click and blog, my favorite host is Bluehost.

The templates, backgrounds, and organization of your templates are already present and just drag and drop the desired images and text. This is a very effective and fast way to design your site.

In a flipside, a template gets a very general feeling and is very limited in verifying the design and organization of a basic web site. These types of websites do not have a wow factor, but if they are timed, have limited budgets, or just want to start, that's the way.

If you use an online site design tool that is usually available from the hosting service (such as Bluehost), you can end your website on your website, then hit the "publish" or "save" button, if people enter their domain name (also called URLs) into your computer browser.

If your computer is based on your own website design software, you usually need to create your site on your computer and then send it to the hosting service via email (so-called FTP), which generally provides good guidance on how to use the website to create and upload details of how to use various web software.

My favorite computer software is Adobe GoLive, but if you go to a freeware or shareware download site, like Tucows, you can try it or try any free web site design package.

Here are the five killer tips for designing a website:

o Keep it simple and clean. There are plenty of "white spots" so readers do not mix with 18 different training ads, fitness popups, sounds, or music when they first visit the site.

o Effective use of photos. Try to pick up your face or body, if possible, build a trust relationship with your potential online customers and show that it's really right.

o Using a simple navigation menu without too many buttons. A simple "Home", "Services", "About Us" and "Contact Us" are enough for a simple online personal training page.

o Include space for publishing the latest articles on your homepage. This is very important for optimizing the search engine, which is later presented in this chapter.

o Provide room for customer service. Here is an e-mail that was sent to each successful customer after reaching the milestone goal and with enough dopamine and endorphin swollen on the system to give me a fantastic recommendation:

"Dear _________

The people you are training and training to train, the main focus in life when you reach goals I feel I have contributed to your life in a unique way and somehow I contributed to my knowledge to help you achieve something special and sensible

The process of updating my site – specifically online fitness – and nutrition training services – is in progress and I want people to know how to help them reach their desires

Where are you interested. If I'm interested, I'm looking for reports, just a short sentence or paragraph about how how I helped identify goals, achieve goals, or just throw it in in the right direction

If you subscribe to my website or a brochure, I just want to write your first name or simply the initials if you like it. All you have to do is send your recommendation via e-mail.

Thank you for considering it and remember to train and eat smart. "

These are five tips to start, and I also offer business and web site consulting services to personal trainers and provide a lot of information in my Train For Top Dollar book that teaches how to maximize your income.

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