4 Ts (Top Ten Tips To) Improve language learning abilities abroad

The best way to learn foreign languages ​​is simply the TL (target language) voice and culture. A real dive environment in which you can dramatically improve your language, the language where you speak and use daily. To take full advantage of your experience abroad, you should strive to create many opportunities for interaction with local people and local culture.


  • TL: Target Language
  • TC: Destination

Learning foreign languages ​​abroad is a truly life-saving experience, so make sure you take the most out of it, hints and tips.

The following tips are on the right path for rapid development and fluidity improvement:

1. Speak your language 24/7:

Resist the temptation to communicate with your native language, friends, classmates, or roommates. Limit your mother tongue usage as much as possible. Order food, ask for directions and information, buy, etc. … basically tries to perform your daily tasks in the TL. They are committed to always communicate with local residents, even if they try to switch the conversation to English. Keep in mind that you are willing to practice their English with them as much as you would like to practice on your TL!

2nd Be culture unkempt!

Ready to adapt to another lifestyle. Leave your jury. Learn local traditions, etiquette and courtesy. Learn more about the country by reading and buying the latest tourist guide before traveling abroad.

Take advantage of the enormous amount of genuine real resources (such as Real-life items) that you will avoid, such as magazines, newspapers, packaging, signs, ads, etc. Make photos as many people as you can. Online blog and explain the meaning of script written to them. Before you go home, make sure you take your future with you.

4th Signs, labels everywhere!

Learn Foreign Signs and Warnings, especially "Warning" and "Not Allowed" Signs, pay attention to the multilingual packaging language for foreign labeling and packaging.

5th Talk like a local!

With the local lingua-franca, listen to the students, learn the most commonly used words and phrases, idioms and daily phrases Quickly connect with locals Listen to the local radio and watch it how they communicate on TV and movies, word and body language

6. Be Strongly Courageous

You need to do extraordinary efforts, be courageous and companion to interact with the locals in the TL, do not block yourself in the hotel room, quit your comfortable zone and your usual friends and roommates [19659002] 7. Fault!

Yeah, you're so sorry you're not intentionally wrong. Do not let your fear of mistakes frighten you out of making meaningful social conversations. In most cases native speakers will understand you, even if the sentences are not exactly accurate. As long as you try, you are happy to offer suggestions for improving the spoken language. Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

8th Talk to the Talking Word

Listen to the local radio as often as you can. Get yourself a portable FM radio player. Use it as long as you're on the road. Research suggests that extensive exposure to the language patterns of language, even if it does not know what that means, creates the brain structures needed to learn the words. This increases your ability to recall the words quickly and in the long run. Needless to say, this also fits your pronunciation. If Internet connection is available, use the online radio.

ninth What's up tonight?

You can access overseas access to the growing collection of local and satellite foreign television. Watch them with your friends and listen to body language and visual footprints – entertain the meaning of conversations or the act of the latest soap operas!

10th Who is the tandem?

Find yourself a long-term tandempartner (ie language exchange partner). Check with your tandem partners. You teach them in English, and in turn teach your TL. If you want to go home, do not forget to contact him with a wide range of available online communication tools. Use audiovisual instant messaging tools to regularly refine your speech, email, and social networking tools to improve your writing skills.

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