3G technology on mobile phones

The third generation technology known as 3G technology has hit the United States and remains here. What does not make 3G obviously affects the appearance, fall or design of a mobile phone. At the same time, the 3G dose promises faster communication services, including fax, voice and Internet services. It can be offered with 3G seamless global roaming. The new multimedia entertainment and applications are the most suitable for the 3G network. The first 3G network was actually released in Japan and now offers companies like Cingular in the United States. but it is called Ed-Vo. Other companies, such as T-Mobile, are not planning to build this technology by 2007 with their services. So what exactly is 3G technology? This technology brings wireless data transmission to your phone than you have ever seen before. This technology is approx. Three times faster than a 56 Kbps connection to the 2.4Mbps connection speed, which corresponds to the use of a cable modem. 3G networks allow users to easily and quickly read websites, watch streaming music videos, and make the most of video conferencing. computer with broadband connection. It seems that handheld computers are definitely the way forward. As each company is committed to spending billions of dollars on upgrading to a 3G network, this technology will certainly be worth the price that we all undoubtedly pay. However, the loss for each company to upgrade, so it is necessary to get customers, so look for new and improved handsets to start when your favorite company updates this system.

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