3C + 3M = Effective communication

When we pause and consider the importance of communication, we realize that effective communication is more affecting our business and personal success than any other factor. Communication in some form pervades what we are doing. Regardless of whether you are between employees or outside of clients / lookouts, we communicate effectively with the results. Words, actions, and body language have a powerful effect, good or bad, with those we communicate with.

Looking back on history and examining the characteristics of great world leaders, we find a common feature … every effective communicator. You may not want to be among the worlds? great leaders, but can greatly increase your success, becoming an effective communicator. All you have to do is focus on cleaning communication skills. With the right way of thinking, by acquiring skills, you can be committed to developing the skills you need. In the beginning, we explore the basic elements that have an immediate impact on success.

3C of Effective Communication

Whether you communicate with the verbal or written word, keep in mind the following three essential elements:

Clean – Ensure that what you say or write is clear to the intended student / reader by Think about the message and the expected answer. Secrecy is essential for effective communication, especially in written communication. The reader will not have the opportunity to question his report or ask for clarity. If your message is unclear, leave the interpretation only in your mind, which can not be the message you intend to communicate. Are we aware of this?

Solid – We live in this fast-paced world today, we love the gentleness. Quality time is a scarce product. Think about what you say or write in the context of a few words while preserving the clarity of the message. The e-mail has opened up the whole new world of communication. This is an extreme example of being solid. I'm sure English teachers have ballistic influence on the block structure (or lack thereof) in most emails. The balance of effective communication lies somewhere between the bulky, unnecessary words and the jagged and incomplete sentences of the world of e-mail.

Consistent – Having developed a clear and concise message that you are satisfied with, explains the reasons why people want to deal with you and your company, consistency is indispensable. We are constantly bombarding a lot of information. It takes a long time to receive the messages. If you've lived with the day and the day with the message and are tiring, targeted students are likely to catch you.

Effective Communication 3M

There are three main elements for effective communication:

Message – Use the above-mentioned 3Cs to cautiously execute a message, including the reasons why a customer or brochure should consider must, in mind, conduct business with you and your company.

Create an honest and reliable message that, depending on your product type or service, includes services, general benefits, company principles and values, innovative ideas, user recommendations, or other factors related to your product or service. The challenge is to have your message inspiring or motivating to respond without excessive and incredible statements. Make sure you tell the real difference between your offer and your competitor's offer. Keep in mind that most buyers of products or services see you as a commodity. In other words, from their perspective they can get the same product or service from the competitors for less money. For most people who offer the lowest price (unless Wal-Mart is), it will not be a successful business. It is essential for success to clearly differentiate its range of pruners. It does not win the battle.

Message – I know. This is not included in the dictionary and keeps spell checking. However, it correctly describes the person whose target is targeted. First you need to know who the decision maker is for the given product or service. Then you can decide what response you want to recall. Are you looking for an instant purchase? Do you seek personalized appointments to determine your needs and explore how you can meet your needs? Knowing their responsibilities within their company, they must determine what message they will be motivated to respond positively to their request. For example, if the Chief Financial Officer is your decision maker for your product or service, your bid saves or saves money better.

Messenger – Messenger is the medium you choose to send a carefully designed message to the appropriate message. If your best customer / brochure has a clear profile, selecting a target medium is much easier. Each medium has a target reader, student, viewer, etc. Independent research data is available to help customize your clients' profile to the particular medium. targeted profile. For more than forty years I've seen too many deceptive dollars in advertising and advertising beyond the media coverage and counseling.

Valuable time and money resources need to focus on targeted, targeted, efficient and effective goals. Be sure to include 3C and 3M in communication. We will be guilty of a criminal offense that can be hanged if we do not mention one of the most important elements of effective communication … effective listening. We could all fill out the other pages of the publication with examples that others and our horror stories have produced, or if we are not listening closely to the other person. Our patience is to jump in, make sure, bring solutions, make improper assumptions, and quickly convey the rest. without focusing on what they say and responding appropriately. Silence can be golden.

I hope this article is clear, concise and consistent enough to encourage you to develop your communication skills. Books, tapes, and seminars are made up of many resources that help to create an effective communicator. Just do it. You can achieve your success.

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