3 Reasons Rock is the world's best radio station

The Rock Radio Station is by far the best radio station in the world for a number of reasons, but the reasons are simple, straight to the point and straight ahead.

The first reason I like to listen to Rock is the music they play, now the "Rock" genre encompasses a wide variety of rock music, from the light rock to the hard rock to the metal and thrash metal. the speed of metal as some love. Although you often hear metal on the rock at any speed, they knew they played rock music with a very intense pace in their request programs. The range of different artists on the list of players is so huge that most of the year does not make a repetitive working day, which means they will never repeat the same song all day long, which is fantastic for their listeners. Artists who play are not so well-known New Zealand orchestras such as Blinspot or Opshop, with very big Rock names like U2, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Korn, Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, Idon Maiden and AC / DC.

The second reason I enjoy listening to the station is the countless DJs that are in the air and will certainly be able to say that they do a lot of research and hard work on some of the gags they have designed. the enjoyment of the students.

The third and last reason I think that the Rock Radio station is the best radio station in the world with various day and night programming features is too much to list them, but my favorite & # 39; divide a wife on Wednesday ”: this is a skit where the wife / girlfriend or mother of one of the DJs calls and chooses something that is important to them and tell them what's not right now or something wrong with them that wasn't noticeable until the call is made. They try to stir up the poor woman and wait for the fire to break. Some of the calls are so devastating to the poor woman that they fall into tears or sweat their heads, so funny, but at the same time it means. The highest feature of Aonther I like is called "off the record", where they play from a performer, perhaps their first single or EP. However, some orchestras began to deal with and made a great scene, which I think is great for these new bands to raise a little in the industry.

Well, there are the best 3 reasons why the rock radio station is the best radio station in the world.

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