3 keys to learning positive interpersonal communication

I know the idea of ​​"talking with you" seems ridiculous. Today, however, there is a great need for great intrapersonal communication skills. These skills do not necessarily involve conscience or selfishness. It is more about being able to face reality with a more relaxed and important way of thinking. Here are the 3 keys that I think help improve the intrapersonal communication skills:

  1. Do not be ashamed to talk to yourself. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm talking to myself. Everyday I ask serious and / or simple questions that focus on my behavior, my love, love of God, my love for my husband, love for other people, and much more. Mostly, I do not answer certain questions because I want to wait for the answer to come from God. But since I asked myself a question, and God knows what you are asking, he will answer. Therefore, there is no shame because most of the answers come from God. I can answer a few simple questions but some of these serious questions, some days or weeks, because I want to make sure that God answers, not myself. If I answer, it is not the best solution. If I give room to God to respond, you are more likely to follow the right solution.
  2. They have a daily, consistent thinking time. From the beginning of the 2018s, I'm doing tons of self-reflection. I've already told people that they spend so much time in the mirror today. They look non-toned but transparent and share the fact that I need help. I need God, I need my husband, I need my family, I need trusted friends, etc. I'm not perfect. I like to learn and have lots of knowledge. Nevertheless, I still need God to satisfy all my needs according to the richness of his glory. (Phil 4:19) I still need protection, love, support, healthy food, decent clothes, etc. I can not survive without God and what he does.
  3. Cease Restricting Faith Through Thanksgiving Everyone has a vision of who you are. Most quickly recognize their weaknesses, but many recognize their strengths slowly. It's easy to recognize the strength with a well-known audience because this media will appear. But nowadays truth comes out and realizes that there are even mistakes. We need to eliminate these restrictive beliefs so grateful for what is there! Do not take into account what is self-evident. Do not doubt yourself in comparison with others. It is not worth comparing or competing. You are grateful for the way God did you.

Love yourself to talk to yourself. Improve interpersonal communication skills. It may be so easy to encourage others, but it takes more time to encourage yourself. Believe me, you will benefit again and again.

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