3 Communication Strategies That Make a Miracle

There is no perfect connection because no one has the perfect communication skills. But the communication capability is what must always be in its presence in order to keep in touch. Getting the right skills to communicate effectively can not happen overnight. There is a lot of work to be done and a lot of time has to be invested. So to help you get started, here are the three most important communication strategies you need to learn to learn.

– Better student skills.

In a relationship, silence must be passive. What does this mean? This means you should not choose what you want to hear when you disconnect or cut your partners in the middle of the sentence. Rather, you should listen to everything you say and even to the unspoken parts. By listening to words and understanding non-verbal signs, you can tie what your partner wants to create. It is also important to show your partners that you are paying full attention to creating eye contact and encouraging gestures.

– Recognition is a part of it and must keep this in mind.

Orally or non-verbally. You can nod or shake your head, say "uh-uh", yes or other fillers that serve this purpose. The purpose of recognition is to make your partner know that he is listening and that he is on the same page. If you master this ability, you have mastered one of the communication strategies.

In fact, most of the loss of a relationship would have been avoided if you only recognized the other person in time and effectively. One key way to complete the misunderstanding is to recognize the other person by repeating what has been said. Then you add your own feelings and feel. Thus, the partner knows that he is silent and at the same time feels he is really interested.

The question of questioning or clarification is another form of acceptance. Sometimes, if something is difficult to digest, it paraphrases. In most cases, saying that your partner's words lead to a "light bulb moment" or a moment of enlightenment. But if you blow it up, try not to sound sarcastic, because it only leads to closing the doors – maybe forever.

-Feelings vs. Problems: Where do you draw the line?

If you argue with your emotions and struggle for a more personal level, you will hurt more. The most logical thing to do in a loving quarrel is to stick to the question. Yes, your partner can't do this, but you have to. Be stronger in your relationship and go back to the main question when you start deceiving.

When communicating with a partner, it is best to first express your feelings. For example, we can say "I'm sad …" and then add it for the reason. This will show your partners that they share the same feeling. The complications may occur if one person feels really strong feelings, but the other person does not.

Communication is very important in connection; the number of breaks and divorces can be sufficient evidence of communication. The problem is that no one is an effective communicator. Some work needs to be done, and this is where these communication strategies would be related.

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