20 best Simon and Garfunkel hits

Paul Simon was born in Newark, New Jersey, 1941, and was born in Queens in New York. Arthur Ira Garfunkel was born in 1942 in New York, Queens. The fate happened in 1953 when Paul and Art met in primary school and continued their friendship with high school.

During their junior year, Tom and Jerry singer duo were created. Everly Brothers influenced close harmonies and recorded their first single "Hey Schoolgirl" in 1957.

In 1958, after having achieved little success on the first single, Paul and Art went to separate colleges, but reunited in 1963 to record their first album, Columbia Records, "Wednesday at 3 pm".

The duo broke up and Paul moved to England, where he picked up "Paul Simon Songbook" in 1965. In the early sixties, Paul was under the names of Jerry Landis, Paul Kane, Harrison Gregory and True Taylor.

Stateside, a song from their first album, started receiving the big radio. This song, "Sounds of Silence", was first released in 1966. Paul returned from Europe and picked up Art to pick up his second album, "Sounds of Silence".

Paul and Art in 1969 demanded a break from each other. The art wanted to pursue an acting career and appeared in "Catch 22", "Carnal Knowledge" and "Bad Timing". Finally, in 1970, they were sorted out, but not before their biggest album was recorded, "Bridge Over Troubled Water".

There were 33 Top 40 singles individually and together, the first of three. Here are the twenty largest hits of Simon and Garfunkel, according to Billboard's top 40 weekly charts.

first Bridge Over Troubled Water – 1970 – The biggest single of the album from the same title spent six weeks in the first place.

2nd 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover – 1976 – Simon's greatest single was written after his first wife, Peggy Harper

was divorced 3. Mrs. Robinson first appeared in the "Graduate" soundtrack in 1968 – 1967, and later entered the "Bookends" album, and in 1969 won the Grammy record for the year.

4th The Voices of Silence – 1966 – The number one was written only in 1964, shortly after the murder of John F. Kennedy.

5th He loves himself as a rock – 1973 – another independent effort by Simon, who supported the vocal support of The Dixie Hummingbirds.

6th Kodachrome – 1973 – From the Go Go Rhymin Simon album, Kodak used some of the songs he used in his commercials to sell the cameras.

7th I am a rock – in 1966 – First recorded and released by a single Simon on "Paul Simon Songbook" while in England, with Garfunkel hit "Silence of Silence" in the US

8. Cecelia – 1970 – One of four of the top 20 albums of "Bridge Over Troubled Water".

ninth Mother and Child Ensemble – 1972 – Jamaican singer, Jimmy Cliff's supportive bitch can be heard at this first Simon solo show and Cissy Houston, Whitney's mom, who provides a safety vocal.

10th Slip Slidin – In 1978 – More individual works from Simon, "Greatest Hits, etc." album.

eleventh Homeward Bound – 1966 – Simon wrote when he was at a train station in England, their second hit was from the album "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme".

12th Late In The Evening – 1980 – The album "One Trick Pony" featuring Simon.

13th Boxer – 1969 – Fred Carter's guitarist Jr. appeared on his first album "Bridge Over Troubled water".

14th I know everything – 1973 – Written by Jimmy Webb, Garfunkel's greatest single comes from the album "Angel Claire" and boasts of being the first ever quadraphonic single ever released.

15th My Small Town – 1975 – Simon and Garfunkel, though especially in 1970, were often collaborating as an individual album, both of which spoke.

16th Scarborough Fair (Blue) – In 1968 – also known as "parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme" and a traditional ballad from England, which was written in 1670.

17th The Damaged Shadow of Winter – 1966 – Bangles took this number to the second number of weekly charts, 22 years after Simon and Garfunkel's hits.

18th In the zoo – 1967 – A song about Central Park Zoo, Simon released a children's book with the same title.

19th (What A) Wonderful World – 1978 – Another Garfunkel's James, Taylor, and Paul Simon, delivering harmonies.

20th I have only my eyes – Garfunkel was just another Top 20 # 11 hit for The Flamingoes in 1959.

Simon and Garfunkel meetings were many since the 1970s sharing; first in 1972 at a concert for George McGovern.

Both artists recorded the record separately, and Paul acted. In the Woody Allen movie, "Annie Hall" and later "One Trick Pony".

In 1981, they reunited in a free concert at the New York Central Park, which also launched a world tour. In 1993, they re-entered 21 concerts, then in 2003, they reunited. The concerts have been postponed indefinitely, in July, due to the Art Vocal Chords, but he hopes to go on tour again in 2011.

Art got married twice. She and her current wife, Katheryn, have two children. Paul married three times. His second marriage to the actress, Carrie Fisher, lasted for a year. He and his third wife, folk singer Edie Brickell, have been married since 1992 and have three children.

Simon and Garfunkel entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990. They received three Grammy Awards and in 2003 presented the Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award.

Paul Simon went to Rock and Roll Hall. and received twelve Grammy awards.

Art Garfunkel received three Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe nomination and a People Choice Award.

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