10 great Android apps for business travelers

It seems that almost every month a new Android smartphone appears and the number of applications is growing. These GPS-based smartphones now provide significant processing power in our palms, which we could only imagine a few years ago. The tools are now available to help us share updates, files, directories, on-site logins, access to site-specific services, and a lot of other things. If you are traveling on a business trip, these tools are needed to stay in your home, not just in the home, but as productive as they are in the office.

The Android platform is a well-established industry standard supported by Google and provides a viable alternative for iPhone. Now it is up to Android to get extra productivity on the road or at home; Whether you need access to a file on multiple devices in different locations, or a restaurant in a foreign city.

Here are 10 useful applications for the Android smartphone:

1. Barcode scanner

When you do a small business on your business. Simply read the product barcode and the app displays retailers and places where you can buy or online retailers and product prices.

2nd ALOQA-Travel Companion

ALOQA (Always Local), which uses GPS to determine its location first, then finds activities, events, shops, restaurants and many other things in the area. This is especially useful if you are new to a city and stay for only a few days. This app helps you get the local atmosphere or get into the local atmosphere of the city.

3rd GoAruna – File Sharing Manager

For a business person who carries light (without a laptop), you can access laptop files with GoAruna. Just leave your files in the app before you leave your home or office and access your Android phone. Because of airport control and all the problems with baggage security, the laptop is a big advantage behind it.

4.VNC Viewer from Google

The VNC allows you to log in securely and connect to a remote machine so you can easily change it without actually having to store anything on your smartphone.

5th Meeting Notes by EverNote

This is a great opportunity to take notes at meetings and include sound recordings (useful reminders for voice memos) and pictures. How many times did you want a picture of the white board a few hours before the meeting? This app allows you to organize, find and send all clips by email. The image element is also useful for recording and organizing copies of plain ticket and other expired receipts.

6th Cab4Me

This is another useful free application that is able to locate cabs near your GPS location and includes an overview of services – a very useful tool for business travelers.

7th Talk to me

This is a great translation tool and is needed when visiting a foreign country. You speak and the phone speaks another language. Your own interpreter in your pocket. The current languages ​​are English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. And it's free.

8th TripIt

If you're a frequent traveler, TripIt is a great tool. And there must be another. It organizes flight, hotel, restaurant and other route information in easy-to-read form and provides GPS directions. This can be very practical if you have to worry about connecting flights, for example, warning you of a gate switch.

ninth Currency

This application can convert up to 160 currencies with real-time foreign exchange rates. You can also follow trends, charts and news.

10th Cashier

The cash register is a cost-tracking tool that is vital for business travelers. This allows you to easily track your weekly and monthly balance and mileage.

With these 10 applications, you are likely to well cover the next trip, from travel updates to local information, from productivity to office.

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