10 Computer Forensic Key Tasks

The work of computerized forensic experts includes examinations, data recovery and electronic discovery. As one, you must have a solid foundation of technical experience and expertise, possess strong communication skills and ability to meet the individual's expectations. The task is very wide. Consider 10 main tasks as follows

1. Design, Organize, Conduct, and Manage a variety of computerized forensic activities such as live analysis on networks and across platforms.

2nd Providing information on related technical issues to strengthen judicial surveys

3. Providing computer justice services, such as preserving, analyzing, recovering data, recovering data, extracting emails, scanning databases, etc. Comprehensive technical analysis and interpretation of computer-related evidence such as e-mail, accounting software, various databases, and information stored on electronic devices

5. It is necessary to ensure that the methods of gathering evidence are consistently managed, managed and archived in order to preserve and protect data and evidence

. It must be ensured that all laboratory hardware and software can be checked and validated as required by the State Law

7. Evaluate and troubleshoot various technical issues, including hardware and software troubleshooting.

8th Perform security assessments, intrusion tests, and ethical hacking and behavioral tests on vulnerable computers and servers

9. Develop according to the budget within the deadline.

10th Carry out other work-related tasks as needed, such as presenting effective communication and working closely with partners, managers, employees, and customers.

The list goes on

It is worth mentioning that as a computer forensic expert you have the knowledge and experience in operating systems such as Windows, Macintosh, Linux or UNIX and DOS. You must also have good writing and communication skills. Last but not least, the multi-tasking task is critical to its ability to handle it. That's why it is vital to have critical thinking, problem-solving and long working hours

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